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    What weapon does renzo have in the second chapter of the betrothed?

    What weapon does renzo have in the second chapter of the betrothed?

    ) Renzo goes to Don Abbondio He introduces himself to the well-dressed curate, with a hat adorned with colorful feathers and the handle of the dagger sticking out of his trouser pocket, which gives him a somewhat swashbuckling air which in those days was common to even the most peaceful of men.

    How is Renzo presented in the 2nd chapter?

    In the second chapter, Manzoni opens the doors to another character, Renzo, diminutive of Lorenzo, who is presented to us as a peaceful boy and stranger to violence. ... Renzo was ignorant, had no culture and was of humble origins, but he had a fairly comfortable and above all honest life.

    What fundamental revelation is made to Renzo in the 2nd conversation with Don Abbondio?

    The second dialogue with Don Abbondio

    After the revelation of the name of Don Rodrigo we witness another reversal of attitude with Renzo astonished, immobile, with his head down and the curate who is revived, inveighs and manifests all that anger that has remained buried under fear.

    What is Don Abbondio trying to achieve from Renzo?

    Organization of the wedding with Lucia. The following day he was supposed to celebrate the marriage between Renzo Tramaglino and Lucia Mondella. ... And it is precisely for this event that the young Renzo goes to Don Abbondio to find out at what time to be found in the church.

    Why is Don Abbondio waiting for Renzo with fear and impatience?

    Manzoni affirms that the awakening after a disaster is very bitter, since the tranquility of the previous life and the thought of the new condition come together. This is how Don Abbondio wakes up the morning following the meeting, and prepares with fear and impatience for Renzo's arrival.

    (Chapter 2) Betrothed: summary and explanation

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    What are Don Abbondio's fears for tomorrow?

    The Betrothed - Chapter II. Don Abbondio's sleep is agitated and terrible, at the thought of having to confront Renzo the next day. ... In the morning Don Abbondio waits for Renzo with fear and impatience; Renzo does not keep himself waiting and introduces himself to the curate with the enthusiasm of his twenty years.

    Who is in charge of calling Lucia upon Renzo's arrival?

    Bettina - The Betrothed.

    Why does Don Rodrigo send two good men to threaten Don Abbondio?

    In the meantime, the celebration of the marriage had to be prevented. For this reason, on the afternoon of the 7th, he sends two good men to order the curate Don Abbondio that that marriage should not be celebrated. The two good men are stationed on the corner of a country road, which is usually traveled by the curate.

    How does Renzo react in the face of the curate's accusations?

    Renzo forces the curate to speak

    Renzo's reaction is furious, but at this point Don Abbondio describes the terrible encounter with the good guys and vents the anger in his body, also accusing the young man of having exercised a form of violence in his home.

    How is Renzo's character presented?

    Renzo is positive, virtuous and honest. But at the same time rebellious and impulsive, when he is deceived or when he suffers injustice and suppressed. This character side, however, is calmed most of the time by the figure of Lucia, his betrothed and is for him like a "light".

    What are the main themes of the second chapter of the Promessi Sposi?

    The underlying theme in this chapter is violence; in the first they were the good ones who exert their violence on Don Abbondio, while in this one it is Don Abbondio who exercises it on Renzo.

    What are the fundamental narrative nuclei of the second chapter of the Promessi Sposi?

    Second narrative core

    The protagonists separate; we have in fact the story of Lucia in Monza (chapters IX-X). We proceed towards the first digression which will concern the infamous nun of Monza. First digression: story of Gertrude, the nun of Monza (end of chapter IX and a good part of chapter X).

    How does Don Abbondio convince Renzo to postpone the marriage?

    Don Abbondio spends a painful night. Renzo goes to the curate to make arrangements, but Don Abbondio convinces him with pretexts to postpone the wedding. ... The curate examines some possibilities and, immediately discarding that of celebrating the wedding, also excludes telling the truth to Renzo, as an unlikely escape from the country.

    How does the 2nd chapter of the Promessi Sposi open?

    The second chapter of the novel opens with a comparison between Don Abbondio's tormented night and the battle of Rocroi. The priest did not really know what to tell the groom and what to do because the following day he would have to celebrate the wedding.

    How does the 2rd chapter of the Promessi Sposi end?


    A brief exchange of words between Renzo and Lucia is enough to reassure Renzo and to make us understand that Lucia is pure in everything she says and in everything she does. The suspicion of a possible betrayal of her is thus dispelled.

    What profession does Renzo carry out?

    He had been deprived of relatives from his adolescence, and practiced the profession of silk spinner, hereditary, so to speak, in his family; profession, in the previous years, very lucrative; then already in decline, but not as a sign that a skilled worker could not make a living out of it honestly.

    How do Renzo and Lucia react in the face of the threat suffered?

    When Lucia learns the bad news from Renzo, despite feeling the gravity of the offense she has suffered, she initially reacts by closing herself off in silence and then finding an outlet in a liberating cry. ... wiping her eyes with her apron with a voice broken by tears ... violent burst of tears ... ".

    What do the good guys say to Don Abbondio to make him understand that he doesn't have to celebrate the wedding?

    The curate meets two shady characters, the Bravi, who are under the command of Don Rodrigo, the town squire, and intimidates him "This marriage is not to be done, neither tomorrow nor ever", referring to the marriage between Renzo and Lucia that the parish priest had to celebrate the next day.

    What did the good guys ask Don Abbondio?

    The two good men insist that he must not unite them in marriage and, to make him more intimidated, they tell him that Don Rodrigo, a local lord who is strongly in love with Lucia, is sending them.

    How do the good men threaten Don Abbondio?

    The good men threaten Don Abbondio

    The bravo replies that the marriage must not be celebrated the next day or ever and Don Abbondio tries to make some unconvincing excuses, until the other figure intervenes with insulting and threatening words.

    How does the surprise marriage attempt take place?

    At Agnese's proposal, Renzo is enthusiastic, but Lucia is against the project because it involves subterfuges. The surprise marriage fails thanks to Don Abbondio's prompt reaction that prevents Lucia from uttering her ritual words.

    On what day were Renzo and Lucia supposed to get married?

    They should have married on 28 May but the rapid worsening of the situation put a temporary halt to everything: "Until last week - says Federica, who has the extraordinary ability to be radiant even through a screen - we had the hope that all this could result in ...

    When should Renzo and Lucia have married?

    From the last, the plague that strikes Milan and kills Don Rodrigo, among many others, leads to the solution of the story, and Renzo and Lucia can finally get married (chap. XXVII-XXXVIII). On the evening of November 7, 1628, Don Abbondio, the friar of a village on the shores of Lake Como, returns from the evening walk.

    How does Don Abbondio Manzoni describe?

    To describe this character, Manzoni uses a very convincing metaphor: “Don Abbondio was like an earthen jar, forced to travel with many iron vases”. ... To further mark the mistakes of the character, the author always describes him negatively "not noble, not rich, even less courageous".

    What are the two pretexts that Don Abbondio gives to postpone the marriage?

    Don Abbondio is the parish priest who has to celebrate the wedding of Renzo and Lucia, but during his usual walk he meets two Bravi, Don Rodrigo's henchmen, who tell him not to celebrate the wedding by pronouncing the famous phrase: "This marriage does not happen to do, neither tomorrow nor ever ".

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