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    What will the daughter of Fedez be called?

    What will the daughter of Fedez be called?

    The girl is called Vittoria, as many had supposed during the Sanremo Festival when the singer publishes an image of his jacket with the four initials of the family members (F of Federico, C of Chiara, L of Leone and V of Vittoria) making with the right hand the V symbol of victory.

    When was Fedez's daughter born?

    Both parents announced it with a post on Instagram, also revealing the girl's name: "March 23, 2021.

    What is the name of the daughter of Fedez and Chiara?

    Chiara Ferragni, 33, and Fedez, 30, shared the happy event of the birth of Leone's little sister on their social profiles. The little girl, born on the night of 23 March 2021, is called Vittoria.

    What is the name of the new son of Fedez?

    Chiara Ferragni gave birth to little Vittoria, the second child she had with Fedez, after little Leone, born on March 19, 2018 in West Hollywood, Los Angeles County. The couple announced the birth on social media.

    In which hospital was Fedez's daughter born?

    The influencer also thanked, again via social media, the staff of the Santa Caterina clinic: from the gynecologist to the neonatologist to the midwife. Waiting for the family at home (father Fedez was all the time with his wife and daughter in the clinic), as mentioned, was little Leo.

    The daughter of Fedez and Chiara Ferragni was born! Here's what she is called

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    What do the Ferragnez want to call their daughter?

    But also 'Raviola', as Chiara and Fedez are lovingly called and like the tattoo they both have. But there are also those who joked by focusing on 'Peppina' and 'Gennara', names nicely mentioned several times by husband and wife in some Stories.

    When was Vittoria Ferragni born?

    Chiara Ferragni and Fedez again parents: Vittoria was born

    The influencer and rapper welcomed their second child on March 23. The little one is called Vittoria, a name that was somehow anticipated by Fedez during the last Sanremo, even if never officially confirmed.

    When was Vittoria born?

    Milan, 23 March 2021 - Vittoria, the daughter of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez, is born.

    When was Vittoria Lucia Ferragni born?

    Vittoria Lucia Ferragni was born yesterday 23 March at the Mangiagalli clinic in Milan. A beautiful baby girl, whom thousands “welcomed” with love on social media.

    Where was daughter Ferragni born?

    Vittoria, whose name has remained secret until today (but in Sanremo it was leaked that the initial would be the letter 'V') is the second child of Chiara Ferragni and Fedez and was born in Milan, three years after her little brother Leone , who celebrated his birthday on 19 March.

    How much did Lucia Ferragni weigh in victory?

    Weight: about 75 kg; Date of Birth: 15 ...

    How long does Vittoria Ferragni have?

    The photos of the Ferragnez celebrations for the 6 months of little Vittoria make "a desire for the future". Video Player is loading.

    Where do the Ferragnez live?

    The couple formed by Chiara Ferragni and Fedez has been established for some years now in the City Life district of Milan, the area used as houses built with environmentally sustainable materials and systems, therefore surrounded by greenery.

    How much does Chiara Ferragni's daughter weigh?

    Chiara Ferragni, Fedez's dizzying gift for the birth of Vittoria. She is 173 cm tall by 56 kg. A survey on social media to decide if it was right to buy the "After childbirth" gift for his wife. ...

    When is Leone Lucia's birthday?

    It is precisely the puppy of the house, who will soon become an older brother, to be the absolute protagonist in this period: on March 19 Leo turned 3 years old and there was no lack of worthy celebrations. For their little one, the Ferragnez have organized an intimate home party for three with a superhero theme.

    How much does baby Ferragni weigh?

    The influencer in recent months has certainly not worried about the scales, she has always shown her belly and her changing body proudly. She is by herself admission that she is 177 cm tall and weighs just under 60 pounds.

    How much is Chiara Ferragni's heritage?

    And so now he can boast a small financial empire that is currently worth around 40 million euros. An even more important figure, especially considering that Forbes, just four years ago, estimated the influencer's assets at $ 9 million.

    How old are Fedez and Ferragni?

    Fedez is a 31-year-old Milanese rapper and singer, husband of Chiara Ferragni from whom she is expecting her second child. He made his debut at 18 with the first EP Pat-a-Cake.

    How was Vittoria Lucia Ferragni born?

    The birth, due to some complications, had been planned two weeks in advance with a caesarean section, but after 22 long hours from the induction, at 23.37 pm Leone was finally born with a natural birth, in full health, and Chiara Ferragni she could hold him in her arms.

    In which clinic was Vittoria Ferragni born?

    She was born a few hours ago but she is already the queen of social networks just like her mother Chiara Ferragni. We are talking about Vittoria Lucia Ferragni, the second child of Chiara and Fedez who bears the surname of both parents, born in Milan in the Mangiagalli clinic.

    How many years of hectare is Fedez?

    How old is Fedez? Age 30 years.

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