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    When can newborn hamsters be touched?

    When can newborn hamsters be touched?

    When can newborn hamsters be touched?

    Up to three weeks of life it would be advisable not to touch the young. As soon as they are born, hamsters are very small in size and totally devoid of hair, precisely because they are so small and defenseless it is advisable not to change the litter until the little ones grow a little.

    When can hamsters be removed from mothers?

    As we have said, it is from three weeks of age that newborn hamsters can and should be separated from their mother. In fact, hamsters are already sexually mature at five weeks of age, even if they have not yet reached the physical development of adults.

    How to deal with newborn hamsters?

    Caring for Hamsters During the First Two Weeks of Life. Don't disturb the nest. For about two days before giving birth, leave the mother alone. She will be stressed and may become aggressive to protect the nest from threats and intrusions, so leave her alone.

    What are hamster puppies like?

    As soon as they are born, the puppies - minimum two and maximum twelve - are completely pink, have their eyes closed and absolutely must not be moved from where their mother places them. They should not be touched for any reason in the world or they will lose their characterizing smell and the mother will no longer breastfeed them.

    How do hamsters nest?

    The nest and the pantry

    This can be a simple cardboard box, or a special one, chosen from those on the market. They can be found both in plastic and in wood, the latter are certainly prettier but we recommend using plastic for hygienic reasons.

    VLOG HAMSTERS -from 0 to 15 days-

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    What bothers hamsters?

    The fake cotton for the den

    The material for stuffing the den that is sold in stores “especially” for hamsters is dangerous for these small rodents. The fine filaments can twist around the legs and tighten, blocking blood circulation.

    Where does the hamster sleep?

    Hamsters usually sleep in tubes or places that seem cramped and tight to us: sometimes I even worry if they can breathe or not!

    What to feed small hamsters?

    Hamsters are omnivorous animals, so their diet must include meat as well as fruit and vegetables. When not living in captivity, hamsters also eat insects, frogs, lizards, and geckos. The food bowl should be kept away from where it needs to be.

    What to do when hamster babies are born?

    1- do not touch neither mother nor puppies but leave the new family as calm as possible. If a male hamster is present, it should be removed immediately and a second cage purchased to house it. There is no time to delay, since the hamster is already fertile shortly after giving birth.

    How to tell if a hamster is afraid?

    Backward ears and squatting position: when the hamster does this it is a sign that he wants to be cuddled or he needs to be reassured because he has suffered a fright: in the second case then it is better to wait for him to calm down by himself so as not to run the risk of some bite.

    How do you tell the age of a hamster?

    Additionally, babies of adult hamsters can be identified by size and weight. If the smeared hamster takes 8-9 centimeters, then it is more than three months old. Hamsters older than three to four months usually weigh over 40 grams, so when you buy a hamster, you can weigh it.

    When is hamster weaning?

    The hair begins to grow at 9 days in the golden hamster and 3-4 in the Russian hamster. Weaning occurs at 20-25 days in the golden hamster and at 14 in the Russian, even if the young begin to take solid food earlier.

    Why do hamsters eat their children?

    Why does a hamster eat its children? ... The presence of the male hamster in the cage can cause stress to the female, who reacts by eating a puppy. If any puppy is left late away from the place where the mother gave birth, the mother will not recognize it as her own and will eat it.

    How to give birth to hamsters?

    Get hamsters together when they are of the right age to breed. When the hamsters are at least 4 months old, you can put them together in a neutral third cage. If the female attacks the male, she is not ready to mate. Remove the male from the cage as soon as possible to prevent them from getting hurt.

    What not to feed hamsters?


    Potatoes, pasta, onions, biscuits, candies, seed sticks with honey, (toxic) chocolate, sweets, ice cream, chips.

    How do you tell if a hamster is male or female?

    Check the abdomen for nipples and check the area under the tail. If you see the testicles, it's a boy. If you don't see testicles, but prominent nipples, then you are holding a female hamster.

    When are Russian hamsters born?

    Russian hamsters start mating at the age of 2-3 months and the gestation period of the female varies from 18 to 21 days.

    When do hamsters open their eyes?

    From the photo you can also see very well that even the nails are already growing. The second week the hamsters open their eyes: the relative tranquility of the mother is over, she from now on she will have to run after each cub to bring him home.

    What to feed Roborosky hamsters?

    The diet should be supplemented with a small amount of animal proteins: boiled egg, cooked lean meat, tuna without oil, fresh cheese, yogurt, a dry dog ​​food. Other types of foods that can be given are: cooked pasta, wholemeal bread or rusks, oat flakes.

    What do you feed the hamsters?

    Hamsters are mainly granivorous animals, which in nature prefer to eat seeds; however they do not disdain other foods of vegetable origin such as plants, tubers and fruit or foods of animal origin, mainly represented by insects.

    How often should hamsters be fed?

    As a general guide, each hamster eats about a tablespoon of feed per day, plus a serving of hamster fruit and fresh vegetables. Despite their difference in size, the quantity is the same in the diet of golden hamsters and dwarfs.

    In which room to put the hamster?

    Avoid placing the cage in a room where there are noises or too many people coming and going: hamsters love quiet places, they prefer to stay away from direct light from windows and drafts, even better if away from the TV and the kitchen, because strong smells of food could disturb their ...

    Why does the hamster sleep on their stomach?

    When the hamster sleeps on his stomach it means that he is going through a difficult time. If on the surface it may seem a tender scene, in reality the mustachioed is suffering.

    How do you tell if your hamster is happy?

    Instead there are affectionate clamps that will make you understand that your little friend really loves you, when you hold him you will feel his teeth that will not squeeze, they will seem like sweet pinches, here he is telling you in his own way that he loves you !

    How can a hamster die?

    Poor hygiene, food errors, stress and overcrowding are predisposing factors. Clinical signs include watery diarrhea soiling the coat (hence the name "wet tail"), anorexia, hunched over, lethargy and death within a couple of days.

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