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    When do I get my speeding license?

    When do I get my speeding license?

    Driving license suspension causes: excessive speed Our Highway Code provides for the suspension of the driving license from 1 to 3 months for those who exceed the speed limit between 40 and 60 km / h, while the ancillary sanction is increased for new drivers for whom the suspension is from 3 to 6 months.

    When is the speeding license suspended?

    Specifically, if within two years the speed limits of over 40 km / h are exceeded twice, the license is suspended for a period that can range from a minimum of eight months up to a maximum of eighteen months.

    How to avoid the withdrawal of the driving license for speeding?

    The main solution to avoid the suspension of the driving license is to omit the communication of driver data, a communication that is compulsorily required for all violations for which the ancillary sanction of the deduction of points from the driving license is envisaged.

    When is the risk of the driver's license being withdrawn?

    The withdrawal of the license can take place in the following cases: alcohol level above 0,5 g / liter, use of a mobile phone while driving, driving with an expired license and exceeding speed limits.

    What happens to work in the event of my driving license being withdrawn?

    When we talk about license withdrawal we mean the practical act with which the Police require the immediate delivery of the driving document. This occurs in the event of failure to comply with the provisions of the Highway Code, or in the presence of: expired driving license.

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    When is the driving license suspended?

    The suspension of the driving license is foreseen for those who exceed the speed limit between 40 and 60 km / h, the expected time is from 1 to 3 months, if new drivers are from 3 to 6 months and if you repeat the suspension the suspension goes from 8 to 18 months.

    What happens to those who have their driving license suspended?

    The procedure for returning the suspended license

    The driving license is suspended by the local Prefect and the provision is also communicated to the DMV. At the end of the agreed period, the license is returned by the police.

    What offenses involve the withdrawal of the license?

    License withdrawal

    you drive under the influence of alcohol or in any case with a blood alcohol level higher than the permitted values ​​(art. 186 and 186 bis of the highway code) you drive using your mobile phone or smartphone or other electronic devices. you drive with an expired license.

    What to do if your driving license is taken away?

    The withdrawal of the license is ordered by the police, during normal checks, and derives from infringements that, in principle, do not conflict with road safety (being stopped with an expired license, or not having complied with the revision of the document driving, or even circular ...

    What is the risk of driving with a withdrawn license?

    Driving with a withdrawn license is considered an abusive practice, and the period in which the registration document is withdrawn is punished with a fine from 2.050 to 8.202 euros and the administrative detention of the vehicle for 3 months.

    Who communicates the suspension of the driving license?

    When the agent collects your license, he has 5 days to send it to the Prefect, along with a copy of the report. When the Prefect receives the documents, he in turn has 15 days to send you the notification of suspension.

    How to avoid the withdrawal of the driving license for velox fine?

    When it is not possible to immediately identify the person responsible for a violation - for example in the case of fines ascertained with speed cameras or with Photored - the recipient of the notification can avoid the application of the suspension of the license by failing to communicate the data of the driver at the time of the infringement .

    How can I get my speeding suspended license back?

    How to get your license back after suspension

    To obtain the driving license after suspension, at the end of the indicated period, you can contact the office in charge to find out if the driving license is available for collection. If, on the other hand, it is believed that the ancillary sanction is incorrect, an appeal can be lodged.

    When is the driving license suspended due to recidivism?

    The suspension of the driving license for recidivism is imposed when the driver commits the same violation again within a period of two years. The suspension is, in these cases, very varied, ranging from one to three months, but it can even reach two years.

    When is the driving license suspended in the event of an accident?

    In the event of a road accident caused by violation of road traffic regulations, if the fact results in a personal injury, the suspension lasts from 15 days to 3 months, if the injury is serious or very serious, the suspension can last for 2 years. In the case of road homicide, the suspension reaches 4 years (art.

    When is the speeding fine?

    Speeding tickets and driving license points

    If this threshold goes from 10 to 40 Km / h above the allowed limit, the fine can range from 173 to 695 euros, while for excesses higher than 40 Km / h, but less than 60 Km / h, the penalty is included. between 544 and 2.174 euros.

    Where can I collect my driving license after suspension?

    Once the suspension period has ended, the license can be collected personally at the Licensing Office of the Prefecture or by delegating another person. Alternatively, it can be requested to be sent to the police headquarters of residence.

    How to get a driving license after revocation?

    What to do to get the revoked license back

    If the license has been revoked for psycho-physical reasons, it is possible to request it directly from the Civil Motorization as soon as the interested party is back in possession of the full faculties that make him suitable for driving, after a medical examination.

    What happens if they take your license off for the second time?

    If for the second time you are criminally and definitively convicted within two years from the date of the first definitive criminal conviction, your license will be revoked. For the moment, however, you will receive the "normal" precautionary suspension.

    What are repeat offenses?

    Recidivism is a typical institution of criminal law, but also known in the administrative field to indicate the situation of those who commit the same violation of the law twice, generally within a certain limited period of time.

    Do you have to retake the exam when your driving license is suspended?

    To retake the exam, the three years run from the withdrawal of the license.

    What to bring to the Licensing Medical Commission?

    reservation of the medical examination in original and photocopy. valid driving license in original and photocopy. if the request is not presented by the interested party: proxy signed by the interested party, photocopy of his identity document, identity document of the delegated person.

    Why is the driving license suspended?

    driving under the influence of alcohol (art. 186 and 186 bis CDS), under the influence of drugs (art. 187 CDS) or in case of refusal to check. circulation, on the motorway, in the emergency lane, outside the cases provided for by the Highway Code (art.

    How to get the suspended license for drunk driving back?

    In the case of a penalty for driving under the influence of alcohol, the motorist can only get the driving license back after the eligibility of the local medical commission, written in black and white on the medical certificate.

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