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    When do the Maltese die?

    When do the Maltese die?

    When do the Maltese die?

    How long does a Maltese dog live? The Maltese dog, like almost all small dogs, lives on average from 12 to 15 years. His temperament is docile, faithful and sensitive, making him very loved by families. It is a great success especially among the little ones for its eternal playful spirit.

    What problems do the Maltese have?

    They are genetic defects that are transmitted from parents to children. The two oculopathies that can be found in the Maltese breed are cataracts and retinal altrrophy.

    How to tell if a Maltese is original?

    1. COAT.
    2. Fur. Dense, shiny, heavy shiny, it has a silky texture. It is very long on the whole body as well as straight without any deviation in its axis, for its entire length. ...
    3. Color. Pure white, pale ivory color allowed.

    How much should a 4 month old Maltese puppy weigh?

    At 0 year (s), 4 month (s) and 1 day (s), Dobby, Maltese, male, weighed 3.8 kg.

    Which Maltese puppy food?

    I would opt for grain free puppy line fish croquettes that are more digestible. Very valid for this type of problem are these brands: Farmina grain free, Simpson, Carnilove, Fish 4 Dogs or Real Nature.


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    How should the muzzle of the Maltese be?

    Muzzle: The length of the muzzle is slightly less than half the length of the head. ... The side faces are parallel, but the muzzle, seen from the front, must not appear square as the front face is connected with curves. The nasal bridge is straight with a well marked groove in the central part.

    How is the character of the Maltese?

    The character of the Maltese dog

    Intelligent, sensitive, playful, sweet and very fond of his master, the Maltese has a docile but all too indolent and lazy character that must be adequately solicited and corrected to avoid seeing him idle all day.

    What are the ears of the Maltese like?

    Ears The ears must be almost triangular in shape and must have a width equal to 1/3 of the length: they are hanging and in contact with the lateral walls of the skull. Mouth The jaws must match perfectly. The dental arches must have a scissor bite.

    How many Maltese dog breeds are there?

    There is only one Maltese breed which is smooth, white and long haired, some look for short haired Maltese, but it is not accurate as an indication. The Maltese dog breed is one and the sizes have been mentioned in the previous paragraphs.

    How far should a Maltese puppy walk?

    Maltese people need a lot of walks, so walk your dog at least 15 minutes a day.

    How smart is a Maltese?

    The Maltese is a very intelligent dog, which barks little, which bonds easily to a particular member of the family and who loves being in company. Let's say that he takes his duty as a "companion dog" literally.

    How much does a Maltese dog cost?

    Generally, for dogs of this breed the cost ranges from 700 to 1000 euros, but it is possible to find specimens at lower and even higher prices. For example, if the animal comes from a farm it is clear that it has the pedigree, the microchip and has already done all the checks: in this case the price will be higher.

    How many udders does a Maltese dog have?

    They usually have 5 pairs of breasts: 2 thoracic, 2 abdominal and one inguinal (usually more voluminous during lactation).

    How much does the Maltese breed cost?

    The price of a Maltese puppy is around 1200/2000 Euros.

    How to trim the hair around the Maltese's eyes?

    Maltese should NEVER be shorn. It should always and only be cut with scissors, preferably after the year to prevent the hair from being damaged by becoming rough. Although some groomers do, the hair around the eyes should NOT be trimmed.

    How to get rid of Maltese under-eye spots?

    Red spots around the eyes in Maltese dogs are caused by excessive tearing, the scientific definition of which is epiphora.
    Among the products suitable for removing stains we can use:
    1. chamomile.
    2. sodium bicarbonate.
    3. more starch (maizena)
    4. contact lens solutions.

    What color is Maltese?

    The standard Maltese can only be white, at most pale ivory. Already if there are pale orange traces, the judges turn up their noses. This means that Maltese cannot exist in any other color other than white.

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