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    Where can I find the applications submitted on online applications?

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    Where can I find the applications submitted on online applications?

    Access the “Applications presented” section on the user's “Instances” menu and check that the application form contains all the correct information.

    How to see the result of the mobility application?

    In order to find out the outcome of the mobility application submitted by April 13, 2021, the teacher can consult the mobility application process on the OTHER FUNCTIONS menu of the Online Instances, by going to the Mobilita 'in Legal Staff - Teaching Staff service and questioning the "Visulazza il ...

    Where to see Ata third band 2021 rankings?

    The rankings can be consulted on the MIUR Online Instances web portal, on the schools' websites and via the MyIs app. Here is in detail how to check your position in the third-tier rankings of ATA personnel on Online Instances, with a step-by-step explanation of how to proceed.

    How to see if the ATA application has been accepted?

    The data can then be checked both from the email and from the personal section of Instances online, by clicking on Archive and then 2021. Once the pdf has been downloaded, the candidate can view: first page: province, lead school, personal data, contact details. second page: declarations.

    Where do i find my instances?

    On the main page of the “Online Instances”, the public home page of the Service, the user will find, in the 'What are Online Instances' menu, a presentation of the service. From the same page, in the 'Instructions for accessing the service' menu, there is a description of the Iter foreseen for accessing the service.

    Tutorial questions for alternate instances online

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    How to recover instance code online?


    If you do not remember it, simply access the online instances with login and password, select "Service functions" and "Retrieve personal code" on the top left.

    Where can i consult the GPS?

    Therefore, the call for the replacement from GPS can be viewed on the website of the Scholastic Office. It is the duty of the aspirant to consult his own reference site regularly.

    How to know if the ATA application was successful?

    To find out if everything went as it should, just rely on the online instance system, the platform, in fact, once the application has been submitted, creates a document in. pdf, which is inserted in the "Archive" section on the user "functions" menu, containing the completed application form.

    When will the provisional ATA 2021 rankings be published?

    The new provisional third-tier ATA rankings are published starting from July 8, while the definitive rankings by the beginning of August 2021, in order to be able to convene the alternates starting from September 2021, in time for the start of the new school year. .

    Which position in the ATA ranking to be called?

    In conclusion, therefore, if you want to start a career as ATA, you must start from the III bracket, then participate in the competition to be included in the III bracket. Once you have matured service, i.e. at least 24 months, you will be able to apply to be placed in band I.

    Where to see the ATA 2021 rankings?

    Ranking position on Online Instances
    • Access the personal section of Instances online.
    • To enter it is necessary to have the credentials (password and username) or, alternatively, the Spid.
    • Click on Other Services.
    • From the menu, select the first item “Display of personal institute rankings.

    Why can't I see the ATA rankings?

    If the indication of "prohibition" appears on Online Instances, under the heading of the ATA class III rankings, it means that the USP of reference has not yet published the rankings of the entire province and consequently the portal is not yet active. ability to view your position in the ranking ...

    When will the ATA ranking come out?

    The publication of the provisional rankings of the third ATA band by the schools of each province is expected to start on Thursday 8 July 2021.

    When will teacher transfers be published?

    On Monday 7 June 2021, the results of the movements (transfers and changes of professorship and tenure) of the teaching staff were announced. Interested parties received communication directly by e-mail, while schools can consult SIDI.

    How to know the transfers in advance?

    How to view your transfer in advance

    Here's how to do it: you need to access Instances online with your username and password and simulate the application for temporary assignment (at the moment the functions are open for children and primary schools).

    Where to check teacher transfer?

    Notification to teachers
    • of the transfer or passage obtained or.
    • of the missing transfer or requested passage (the interested party can consult the outcome of his application through the appropriate function on Online Instances).

    When do they start calling for ATA 2021 staff?

    ATA 2021/22 substitutes: calls for calls from first and second tiers have begun, then the third. Green pass is required from 1 September. The provincial school offices are currently publishing notices for the appointment of ATA staff to be hired on a fixed-term basis.

    When will the rankings be published?

    Publication in early August

    The booking of the final rankings began on July 15, and they will be published from July 31. The hope is that the deadlines will be respected and that therefore the third ATA band rankings will be ready by the beginning of August.

    When are the ATA Torino provisional rankings released?


    Therefore, starting from the end of July, the final third-tier ATA rankings are out.

    How to check ATA score?

    Access the personal section of Instances online. To enter it is necessary to have the credentials (password and username) or, alternatively, the Spid. Click on Other Services. From the menu, select the first item “Display of personal institute rankings.

    What are the certificates that score for Ata staff?

    In particular, the ATA personal EIPASS certificate can award a maximum of 0,60 points for the profiles of administrative assistants, technical assistants, cooks or nurses and a maximum of 0,60 points for the roles of school collaborators, employees of agricultural companies. and wardrobes.

    How to cancel ATA application?

    The deadlines for the presentation of the third ATA bracket applications have expired: now we await the publication of the rankings, first provisional then definitive. Until the next three years, it will not be possible to modify the data entered in the application, except in the case of clerical errors, nor to change or insert the offices.

    How will the GPS summons take place?

    As for the short and occasional substitutes, the convocations will always take place via email from the school secretariats. In this case, the schools will first of all convene the aspirants included in the rankings of the institute I band, and then the aspirants inserted in the rankings of the institute II band.

    Where can you see the provincial rankings?

    Since there are many schools in a province, to facilitate your search, you can check your position in the III Institute rankings of the schools you have chosen, directly online on the MIUR online instances website (which is the site you already have used to fill in form B).

    How do the summons take place?

    Procedures for convening alternates

    Candidate teachers included in the club and school rankings will be summoned as a replacement by e-mail with acknowledgment of receipt (sent to the address on Instanze Online and in the application to be included in the rankings).

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