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    Where can you buy Creoline?

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    Where can you buy Creoline?

    We can find creoline in some well-stocked supermarkets, in the sector or on the shelves dedicated to household hygiene or cleaning products.

    What kills CREOLINE?

    It is effective for the disinfection and removal of dirt from the floors and walls of factories, warehouses, boat holds, animal shelters (kennels, chicken coops, rabbit hutches, stables, piggies, stables) and farms in general.

    How is CREOLINE made?

    The current composition as reported on the site by the manufacturer is: 1% 2% 4-benzyl-95-chlorophenol (also known commercially as Neosabenyl: IUPAC Name: 2-benzyl-4-chloro-phenol, CAS number 120-32- 1 of Brute Formula C13H11ClO) widely used for its disinfectant action.

    How to disinfect the chicken coop with CREOLINE?

    It can be conveniently used as follows: as a normal dishcloth detergent after preparing the emulsion in water in a bucket. CREOLINA® is a DISINFECTANT LIQUID for CIVIL USE, intended for the disinfection of all surfaces except for food.

    How is CREOLINE diluted?

    Given its high content of active ingredients, “CREOLINA®” should only be diluted in water in a percentage equal to 3% (1 liter in 33 liters of water) where it has a rapid detergent and disinfectant action.

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    What is Cresosolin?

    1 ECO CROLINA SANITIZING SANITIZING. It is a liquid product, with registered name and formulation. Intense color, pungent odor.

    How to disinfect the kennel?

    To clean I use a product that I got myself created by the family business and that is not on the market, but for the cement you can use bleach and water with the density you need from time to time. Excellent cutting of the grass around the kennel. The cleaner the area, the less likely pests are to settle.

    What can I use to disinfect the chicken coop?

    Prefabricated wooden chicken coops require deep and accurate disinfection, precisely due to the presence of wood, a highly porous and permeable material. Once dried, it will also be very useful to carry out a pass of non-toxic liquid sheath on the walls of the chicken coop, possibly even outside.

    How is creoline used?

    CREOLINA® can be conveniently used as follows:

    as a normal dishcloth detergent after preparing the emulsion in water in a bucket. Spraying the surfaces (floors, walls, ceilings, etc.) to be treated with the emulsion prepared directly in the sprayer tank.

    How to get rid of chicken mites?

    If the chicken mite infestation is minor, remedies such as white lime treatments on the walls may suffice, while in the absence of many inlets, the use of a flame appliance such as a normal blowtorch could be effective. .

    How to use creoline against dormice?

    Diluted in water at 5% for washing and disinfecting solid and hospital waste containers and areas designated to them where leachate may occur which, in addition to feeding infections, attract rats and insects.

    How to get rid of dormice at home?

    The stink of sulfur is also unpleasant to dormice: if there is an infestation by these small rodents, it is therefore possible to burn sulfur tablets against the dormice near their lair. The bad smell will prompt them to go out and abandon their shelter.

    How to disinfect horse boxes?

    The most commonly used disinfectants are:
    1. lime milk, an aqueous solution of slaked lime to which chloride of lime is usually added to increase its effectiveness;
    2. creoline, a good pesticide, not very toxic and deodorant, is used in a 4-5% aqueous solution;

    How is hydrated lime used?

    Hydrated lime fears humidity and frost.
    Furthermore, hydrated lime can be used as:
    1. soil acidity regulator,
    2. for the stabilization of land for road use,
    3. as a binder in the production of plasters and mortars for building uses,
    4. in the treatment and neutralization of water,
    5. as a disinfectant.

    How is hydrated lime used in agriculture?

    Slaked lime, also known by the names of pickling lime, hydrated lime or hydrated calcium, can be used to increase the pH of the soil, in the neutralization of copper sulphate to prepare, with the DIY, the Bordeaux mixture, or as a protective agent for branches and trunks.

    How to disinfect the soil with lime?

    We can also foresee the use of Hydrated Lime for its biocide-disinfectant action. It will be enough to spread 100 gr of lime by hand per square meter of surface, dig and then mill everything.

    How to disinfect a wooden doghouse?

    You can sanitize the wooden kennel in the same way as the plastic one. In place of the biological detergent, you can use a composition of water, vinegar and bicarbonate. This mixture is an excellent disinfectant and is certainly not harmful to the dog.

    How to disinfect flea bed?

    To eliminate bacteria and parasites, just sprinkle the kennel with an average amount of bicarbonate, leaving it to act for about 10 minutes and then wash it with water and natural product.

    How to disinfect the pet carrier?

    After the kennel has dried well, spray some alcohol or a specific disinfectant for cats. If your four-legged friend's kennel is made of fabric, you will have to wash it by hand.

    How do you get rid of dormice?

    Just place ScappaTopo Speciale Dormouse in a room, at least 2 packs per room, to keep the dormice away. In case of overt presence of dormice, increase the packages, leaving an access route to the outside to allow the dormice to exit.

    What to do against beech martens?

    deterrents such as metal grids, metal sheets or aluminum foil under the car also work. Since stone martens are very easily frightened, they are chased away by sudden noises and movements under their paws. Finally, “anti-faine” hearing or electric aids can be fitted.

    Where does the dormouse go in hibernation?

    It begins to hibernate in late October and only wakes up in March. In this period it hides in its hiding places which can be different: from the branches of trees to the small crevices of gardens or city parks.

    Where does the dormouse spend the winter?

    First of all because it is a nocturnal animal and during the day in the warm and warm seasons it sleeps remaining hidden in the hollows of the trees, in the artificial nests of the birds, in the cracks in the walls and in the rocks. In fact, it lives preferably in luminous broad-leaved or coniferous woods.

    How much does creolin cost?

    Creoline: price

    A package today can have a price ranging from 10 to 20 euros and is sold as a well-known disinfectant product, widespread all over the world.

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