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    Where did homer live?

    Where did homer live?

    Where did homer live?

    There is no reliable data on the biography of Homer. According to news circulating since the late Archaic age and resumed in the Hellenistic age, he was born in Smyrna, lived in Chios and died on the island of Ios; he would have participated in a poetic competition in Euboea with Hesiod. The veracity of O.

    What era did Homer live in?

    According to Herodotus, Homer lived four hundred years before his time, therefore towards the middle of the ninth century BC; in other biographies Homer is instead born in a later period, mostly around the eighth century BC.

    How long did Homer live?

    Homer was a famous Greek poet who probably lived in a period between the XNUMXth century BC and the XNUMXth century BC and is the author of the Iliad and the Odyssey, two epic poems that have marked the history of everyone's literature times.

    Who is Homer summarized?

    Homer is a Greek poet, believed to have lived in the XNUMXth century BC and is still remembered today as the author of the Odyssey and the Illiade, the greatest poems of Greek literature. ... In addition to the Iliad and the Odyssey, he is also assigned the Hymns to the gods, the Little Iliad, the Batracomiomachia.

    What is the role of Homer for the Greek people?

    The ancients recognized Homer as the first and greatest of the Greek poets, although some believed in even more ancient singers (Orpheus, Museum, Lino, Hesiod). ... Throughout antiquity Homer - as a poet of Iliad and Odyssey - constituted the '' basic text '' of school and education.

    1 - Homer and the birth of Western literature - Pietro Citati

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    Who is Homer for Wolf?

    Homer is the great poet who rearranges a large number of songs that arose around the Trojan enterprise, creating a wide-ranging work to which "he infused new life and power by putting the psychology of the heroes on the stage and organizing a perfect synthesis in every aspect" .

    How does the Iliad end?

    Canto XXIII: Achilles mutilates Hector's body and kills some Trojan prisoners on Patroclus' pyre, which is then burned. Twelve days of mourning follow in which the Greeks compete in funeral games. ... The Iliad ends with the funeral for Hector.

    What is known about Homer?

    The figure of Homer is, therefore, a combination of reality and legend. He is usually described as a blind poet who at some point in the eighth century BC began to travel the Hellenic world. In his travels, he recited his epic poems for anyone who wanted to hear him.

    When were the Homeric poems put in writing?

    The most illustrious and studied case is that of Homeric poetry. When Iliad and Odyssey were put into writing around the seventh century BC, the two fundamental Greek epics had centuries of oral traditions behind them.

    Where and when was Homer born?

    Most of these cities are in Asia Minor, precisely in Ionia. According to Herodotus, the date of his birth oscillates between 1194 and 1184 BC, as if he had lived at the time of the Trojan war; in other biography he appears to have been born earlier, especially towards the eighth century.

    What did the rhapsodes do?

    The rhapsody is the professional cantor who in the ancient Greek world recites and sings from memory, epic poems of Homer and other authors, but also lyric, elegiac and iambic poems. ... According to Plato, Phemius, the cantor who in the Odyssey is referred to as an aedo, is actually a rhapsode.

    What is the origin of Homeric poems?

    The base is certainly the Ionic dialect, flanked by the Aeolian one, followed by the attic. The presence of the Aeolian has made us suppose an Aeolian origin of the poems, subsequently translated into Ionic, but this theory is not plausible given the Aeolian presence even in strata of the most linguistically modern poems.

    What are the hypotheses about the author of the odyssey?

    A hypothesis, now considered reliable, claims that Homer is the author only of the Iliad, while the Odyssey would have been composed in a later period by another poet unknown to us. Other scholars claim that the poems were part of the oral tradition, which Homer would have collected and stitched together.

    How does the poem end?

    There is almost always a strong and valiant main hero who, often flanked by lesser heroes, always experiences exciting adventures and, most of the time, dies in battle offering his life for the salvation of his homeland; The poem often ends with the hero fulfilling the mission.

    Which episode closes the Iliad?

    The Iliad does not tell the whole war of Ilium (or Trojan war), but only the events that took place over 51 days in the tenth and last year of the Achaean siege. In fact, it opens with the wrath of Achilles and ends with the scene of Hector's funeral. The facts are told in chronological order.

    Where do the events narrated in the Iliad take place?

    Homer's Iliad is an epic poem that tells the story of the conquest of the city of Troy by the Greeks, the Achaeans.

    Who was Omero Treccani?

    (see Minor Homer). ... became the poet of the Iliad and the Odyssey; indeed, in particular of the Iliad, which of the two was the most famous poem ("the poet", "Homer", "Iliad", were often equivalent expressions). Ancient criticism already distinguished further, and there were those who attributed to O.

    Who had the Homeric poems written down?

    We know from the sources that Pisistratus appointed a commission of aedi charged with putting the Iliad and the Odyssey into writing. This is the first written version of the Homeric poems. Towards the end of the 700s, the German critic Wolf returned to the subject and recovered the character of Homer by saying that Homer is like Ossian.

    What do analyst critics argue about Homer's identity?

    The analytical critique inaugurated by Wolf puts forward the hypothesis that the Homeric poems were the work of several aedi. - Hermann argues that Homeric poems develop from an original core (core theory). - Lachmann argues that Homeric poems are the result of an aggregation of isolated songs.

    Who were the bards and what was their social function?

    The aedo, in ancient Greece, was the professional singer. The etymology of the word comes from the ancient Greek "ἀοιδός", aoidos, which derives from "ᾄδω" that is "to sing". ... The aedo did not have a written text, so he himself became a composer.

    What is meant by a tribal encyclopedia?

    A tribal encyclopedia

    It is in the epic tale, or rather through the epic tale, that the experiences, practices and values ​​of an entire society are filtered, processed and sanctioned.

    In theory, what distinguishes the activity of an aedo from that of a rhapsode?

    The poet is an Aedo, that is, a wandering cantor who composes and recites poetic passages, often taken from traditional stories and elaborated by him. Or he is a Rhapsode, that is, a poet who sings already known songs.

    What is the meaning of rhapsode?

    - 1. Reciter and also cantor, in ancient Greece, of poetic (and sometimes prose) compositions of an epic character, both his own and by other authors (see also aedo, which is the oldest name, used since the age of Homer until the 5th century BC.

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