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    Where do I find provisional number I have?

    Where do I find provisional number I have?

    Where do I find provisional number I have?

    It is necessary to enter the "provisional" number found in the "Summary" attachment of the emails with the subject "Contract" that you receive after activating the SIM.

    How long does the provisional number last?

    In case of residual credit, it is possible to request the transfer to ho. of the credit itself, indicating it during the transfer request. The credit is transferred in the form of a top-up on your SIM ho. from a minimum of 3 to a maximum of 8 days from the date on which your number was transferred.

    How does the provisional number work?

    With conditional phone portability you will be assigned a temporary number to use for the period in which the old mobile number is still active with the transferring operator. Once the transfer is complete, the provisional number will be deactivated and replaced with your mobile number.

    How to see Vodafone provisional number?

    You can check the status of your portability request by contacting the free number 42995 from your Vodafone mobile phone.

    How does the Iliad provisional number work?

    In the 2-3 days between the sending of the request by iliad to the actual transfer, the smartphone with the iliad SIM works with the phone number associated with the SIM, in fact a temporary number.

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    How long does a provisional Iliad number last?

    From the moment of activation of the sim card to the actual passage of the old number on the new network, an average of 24 to 48 hours pass, a period in which it is still possible to use both the old sim and the new one (to which a temporary number is assigned) .

    How to know if the portability has been successful Iliad?

    The portability is effective when the SIM of the previous operator completely loses reception: it is now possible to replace the card with the new one, on which the number for which the transfer was requested will already be active.

    How long does the provisional Vodafone number last?

    Vodafone portability times

    When a fixed number portability is requested, a provisional Vodafone number will be assigned within 48 hours (unconditional portability). When the portability is successful (usually within 15-20 days), the old number will replace the provisional number.

    How do you know your Vodafone mobile number?

    For Vodafone and Tre, you have to call numbers 190 and 133 respectively. You won't even have to wait to speak to an operator, as you just need to follow all the instructions in the recorded voice to find your phone number.

    How does portability work with Vodafone?

    The expression Number Portability refers to the telephone number portability service on the occasion of a change of operator. If he chooses this option, the customer keeps his number which is transferred from the old operator to the new one.

    How many days for number portability?

    Mobile number portability

    As foreseen by Agcom, the deadline within which the transfer of mobile portability must take place is 1 working day (and within the early hours of the following morning, to limit inconvenience).

    How does number portability work?

    All you have to do is provide your data to the new supplier because the change takes place on the new SIM card in an “almost” automatic way. The transition takes place from the moment you authorize the new operator to proceed, completing the activation procedures of the telephone contract.

    How many times can number portability be done?

    You can no longer carry out portability for sim. You need another new one.

    Why does portability fail?

    This is due to several factors, such as the telephone number given to the new company is incorrect, the identification documents are not legible, the privacy form is not signed and any other type of error that can compromise the portability procedure.

    How to do the number portability I have?

    Go to the app menu at the top right and click on the number ho. where you want to transfer the old number. After logging in, open the Menu and click on I carry the number in ho. Finally, accept the conditions for passing the number and enter the code received via SMS to complete the request.

    How to block number portability?

    simply by making the portability to the other operator, obviously you will need to buy another sim and make another contract, there is no cancellation, once a portability is completed it is definitive.

    How do I know if a person has my number?

    Check out the "Read by" section. Anyone who can read your message has your phone number stored in their address book, so within this section you should see the name of the contacts who have stored your phone number on WhatsApp.

    How to know the telephone number?

    Make a call - try calling your mobile from your landline and you will see its number as the sender of the call. Check your bill or telephone contract - on the documents your operator has sent you you will surely find the number of your interest of the fixed line.

    How do you make your mobile number visible?

    In case of second thoughts, to restore the display of your number for all outgoing calls, go back to the dialer, go to the menu (…)> Settings and set the drop-down menu Show my number to to all.

    How long does it take to switch from one operator to another?

    How long does it take to change telephone operators? The change of mobile telephone operator usually takes place in a short time, ie within 24 hours, to which another 48 can be added. In the case of a fixed operator change, a maximum period of time equal to 30 days is instead envisaged.

    How long does it take to switch from one operator to another?

    It takes 24 hours to change mobile operators for portability: in reality, another 48 hours are foreseen for any errors or problems. Ultimately, the portability of a number ends in 2-3 days on average. The whole procedure takes place automatically, as for the fixed.

    How long to switch to another operator?

    Law no. 40/2007 specifies that the migration must take place within 30 working days. This implies that the actual passage of a customer from one operator to another must take place no later than 30 working days.

    How to know if the SIM Iliad is active?

    The number is printed on the card itself or on the original card where the PIN and PUK are indicated. If calling the result "The phone of the person called may be turned off" it means that the SIM is still active but has not been inserted in the smartphone.

    How to see if you take Iliad?

    In fact, on the company's website,, there is a specific section useful for knowing the availability of coverage. To access this page you need to go to the home page of the site, scroll down and then click on check coverage.

    How many Iliad cards can I register?

    Iliad, the low cost operator, which is giving big operators a hard time, allows users to purchase and activate up to five sim cards in their own name. The procedure will always be the same: the simple registration for all the sims that are required.

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