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    Where is the spleen in the human body?

    Where is the spleen in the human body?

    Where is the spleen in the human body?

    The spleen is an organ located behind the stomach in the upper left part of the abdomen known as the left hypochondrium. It is located below the rib cage and is therefore not usually felt by the palpating finger.

    What can it be when your spleen hurts?

    An enlarged spleen can be caused by many ailments, such as infections, anemia, and tumors. Symptoms are generally rather nonspecific, but may include a feeling of distention or pain in the left upper quadrant of the abdomen or back.

    What is under the spleen?

    The position of the spleen means that the spleen resides in the vicinity of: stomach, diaphragm, left lung, splenic flexure, left kidney, tail of the pancreas and part of the rib cage between the XNUMXth and XNUMXth left ribs.

    How to relieve the spleen?

    The natural cure to fortify the spleen then passes through diet and nutrition which must be sober and not overload the work. Better to consume foods rich in fiber: vegetables, fruits, whole grains and oat bran. Yes to at least 5 portions of fruit and vegetables a day.

    What to eat if you have an enlarged spleen?

    In particular, the foods that can be good for the spleen are:
    • citrus fruits;
    • vegetables and tomato;
    • antioxidants;
    • vitamins;
    • fish;
    • fruit (including dried fruit);
    • mineral salts.

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    How to cure spleen pain?

    Although there are some drugs capable of containing the enlargement of the spleen - such as hydroxyurea, busulfan (eg Busilvex) and pipobromane - to definitively resolve splenomegaly it is necessary to treat the pathology that arises at its origins.

    How do you know if you have an enlarged spleen?

    Symptoms and complications
    • Pain or a sense of fullness in the upper left region of the abdomen. ...
    • Sense of satiety without eating;
    • Rapid onset of satiety during a meal, even a very small one, due to the compressive effect on the stomach by the enlarged spleen;
    • Nausea and vomit;
    • Anemia;
    • Fatigue;

    How to avoid spleen pain?

    Don't play sports on a full stomach. Avoid excessive increases in intensity if not trained, intensify gradually, start smoothly. Prefer endurance runs at a steady pace and keep a steady breathing rhythm. Periodically strengthen the trunk muscles.

    What is the main function of the spleen?

    The spleen is an organ found in nearly all vertebrate animals. It mainly acts as a filter for blood purification, eliminating microbes and worn out or damaged red blood cells.

    What is under the rib cage on the left?

    The spleen is an organ located behind the stomach in the upper left part of the abdomen known as the left hypochondrium. It is located below the rib cage and is therefore not usually felt by the palpating finger.

    How is the spleen felt?

    The normal spleen is not usually evident but is tucked below and above the left costal margin, between the fundus of the stomach and the diaphragm, with its long axis parallel to and running along the course of the tenth rib.

    What's on the lower left side of the belly?

    The lower left quadrant is where the small intestine, colon, ureter, and veins or arteries from major to veins are located. Finally, the right lower abdominal area is the site of the appendix, ascending colon, and part of the female reproductive organs.

    What hurts when you run?

    An untrained person, for example, by starting to run may find himself in need of a greater supply of oxygen: in this case the organism reacts with a nervous contraction of the spleen (the reflex that causes pain) which serves to introduce into the vessels blood new red blood cells capable of ...

    What are the dimensions of the spleen?

    The spleen measures 12x7cm in normal conditions and is located in the abdomen, below the diaphragm, on the left. In normal conditions and, in patients who are not particularly thin, it is not possible to feel during a medical examination until after a deep inhalation.

    What is the accessory spleen for?

    Therefore, the authors of the article conclude that the accessory spleens may have a complementary blood reserve function and that they can therefore be considered compensatory lymphoid organs of the primary spleen.

    When does the pancreas hurt?

    Pancreatitis refers to inflammation of the pancreas, which can cause pain and swelling in the upper abdomen. The pain can be severe and often resembles a burning sensation. Other common symptoms include nausea and vomiting.

    In which part of the body is the spleen located?

    What it is This is a tumor that can form in the spleen, an organ of the lymphatic system about the size of a fist, located in the upper left part of the abdomen, just below the rib cage.

    What does liver pain look like?

    Pain in the liver is due to the distension of the hepatic lining, called the Glisson's capsule (or Glisson's capsule), which produces a dull, deep painful symptomatology, radiating to the right and up behind the breastbone, up to the level of the sixth thoracic vertebra.

    What does it mean when the left side hurts?

    Left flank pain is a frequent annoyance. It could be caused by posture or hiding a pathological situation, such as an intestinal obstruction or pancreatitis. Of course, you don't have to be scared. Look carefully for all symptoms, as well as pain, and to be sure, talk to your doctor.

    What's on the right side under the ribs?

    The liver; The gallbladder (or gallbladder) and the biliary tract; The duodenum, that is the first part of the small intestine (the other parts are the jejunum and the ileum);

    What does it mean if your right side hurts?

    The pathologies that most commonly cause pain in the right flank include liver diseases (hepatitis, liver cancer and cirrhosis) and biliary diseases (gallbladder stones).

    When does it hurt under your left belly?

    That pain, that lower left belly ache could be diverticulosis, or worse diverticulitis. Diverticula by themselves do not represent a disabling disease. It is an anatomical alteration of the internal walls of the digestive system, among other things very frequent with advancing age.

    When does the left side of the belly hurt?

    Very intense abdominal pain on the left side could be due to intestinal obstruction. In this case, neither liquid nor ingested food can move through the intestine, so they stay in the same place and cause pain.

    How to get rid of the air in the belly?

    Natural remedies for a swollen belly
    1. fennel - has a stimulating action on the motility of the stomach and intestines and has anti-fermentative properties.
    2. mint - decreases fermentation and has digestive and antiseptic properties.
    3. apple - intervenes in the regulation of intestinal fermentation.

    How do you feel the abdomen?

    Palpation should be performed with the ulnar side of the palm of the hand, proceeding from the bottom upwards starting from the bis-iliac line, inviting the patient to perform a deep inhalation and to hold the breath, to have the possibility to appreciate the characteristics of the hepatic portion possibly ...

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