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    Where is the water bulb located?

    Where is the water bulb located?

    Where is the water bulb located?

    Depending on the car manufacturer, it is usually installed near the thermostat or inside the thermostat. There are two temperature sensors in some vehicles, one to send information from the engine system to the control unit and another from the control unit to the dashboard.

    How to see if the bulb is broken?

    To check if the coolant temperature sensor (better known in jargon as a bulb) works correctly, you can proceed as follows: connect the multimeter leads to the two pins inside the connector, using tweezers if necessary, set the multimeter on the ladder ...

    How does the water bulb work?

    How the sensor works

    The cooling sensor is a thermal detector with a negative coefficient: if the temperature rises, the internal resistance decreases. The control unit collects the resistance data, directly linked to the liquid temperature.

    Where is the radiator fan bulb located?

    It is very close to the radiator and you can follow its cable to find it.

    What is the bulb of the electric fan for?

    The so-called bulb or thermostatic valve is the contraption that, depending on the temperature of the coolant, starts the radiator fan. If it is broken, no fan and water ready to throw the pasta. Nothing to do with power problems.


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    What is the temperature sensor used for?

    The coolant temperature sensor provides information to the engine control unit about the engine operating temperature so that the fuel quantity and ignition point can be adapted accordingly.

    How to measure if the temperature probe works?

    How do you check the NTC probe? To see if an NTC probe works it is very simple. In practice, if we take a tester, set it to 20kohm, attach the two leads to the sensor and slowly heat the resistance (using a lighter for example) we will notice that the ohm value will start to drop.

    When does the fan always stay on?

    If the cooling fan is running continuously, check the fan relay or the cooling fan temperature switch or the engine coolant temperature sensor.

    Why does the fan start when I turn off the machine?

    Some cars may have the fan on, despite the engine being turned off, to cool the Fap, or the Active Particulate Filter.

    How to test viscous fan?

    Do the test with a rolled up newspaper, when the car is at "temperature" try to stop the fan with that newspaper. If you can stop it then it's gone.

    How does a car temperature sensor work?

    The function of the engine temperature sensor is to measure the coolant temperature and inform the engine control unit. As the temperature rises, the engine temperature sensor reduces the internal resistance and returns a lower voltage value to the ECU.

    How does the cooling fan work?

    The engine fan carries ambient air through the coolant radiator on the engine. The fan is driven by the V-belt; if, on the other hand, the cooling fan is electric, it will be controlled by an electric motor which is controlled by its own control unit.

    How does an NTC probe work?

    How does it work? The probes in general are thermistors or thermoresistors, therefore devices created to capture temperatures. In particular, the NTC probe is a negative thermoresistor or has a temperature coefficient below zero, therefore it reduces its resistance as the temperature increases.

    How to see if the car fan is working?

    To check if the fan works, remove the left front fairing; at this point, near the radiator cap there is the fan connector; disconnect the connector; take two pieces of long enough wire and connect the + of the battery to the blue cable of the connector and the minus of the battery to the ...

    How to measure engine temperature?

    Thermal doubt: motor temperature measurement
    1. Add a temperature sensor to the oil circuit.
    2. Add a temperature sensor on the tailpipe.
    3. fit a vacuum sensor on the water-sea circuit between the filter (after the sea intake) and the pump intake.

    How to tell if the car fan is working?

    What to do if the radiator fan does not work

    Identifying it is the first step to take, and then go on to disconnect the 2 cables of the switch so as to connect them to the flying wire of the battery. This procedure is used to check if the electric fan works.

    What's in the coolant?

    The engine coolant consists of a water-glycol mixture (often now in a 1: 1 ratio) which allows to lower the freezing temperature (-40 ° C) of the coolant obtained from the aforementioned mixing and to increase the boiling temperature (+ 135 °).

    Why doesn't the cooling fan turn off?

    If the radiator cooling fan stays on all the time there may be a fault with its drive motor, that is, it may have shorted out, or there may be a fault in the air conditioning management system that causes the fan to run.

    When does the air conditioner fan not spin?

    if the fan is not spinning and the multicolored light is off, a fuse may have blown. ... if the fan stops spinning suddenly you can check if there are any physical obstructions, otherwise it is necessary to try to restart by switching the air conditioner off and on again from the remote control.

    When to change the thermostatic valve?

    Common symptoms indicating that the thermostat may need to be replaced are: the engine overheats; the car heater does not work so no hot air arrives in the passenger compartment; the dashboard engine light is on.

    How to test a fridge probe?

    Now the NTC probes can be tested, either simply by measuring their ohmic value detected in coincidence with the various temperature values ​​to which they will be subjected (to better explain the terminal of the probe in question, protected by aluminum foil so as to prevent liquid from penetrating inside of ...

    How to test a refrigerator temperature sensor?

    To perform the test, turn on the multimeter by positioning it on the lowest ohm (Ω) scale. Now we place one test lead on where the brown input wire was inserted and the other brown (current / bulb) the tester must return a value, otherwise it means that no current is passing to the bulb.

    How to control PT 100?

    PT100 reading by ohmmeter:

    At 0 ° C the nominal resistance of the PT100 is equal to 100 Ω. At 100 ° C the resistance becomes 138,5 Ω. Thus, by measuring its resistance with the help of an ohmmeter, the temperature of the installed PT100 sensor can be determined.

    Where to place the temperature sensor in the car?

    On the one hand, when placing the temperature sensor, you need to make sure that it is not too close to parts that overheat, such as the engine for example. In fact, it is generally located in the front, in the area of ​​the bumper.

    What happens if I remove the engine's thermostatic valve?

    therefore eliminating the valve does not lower the temperature per se, at most it makes it reach more slowly because the water is always in circulation and this may not always be good because if the engine does not work at its optimal temperature it is bad.

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