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    Where to keep kitchen towels?

    Where to keep kitchen towels?

    Where to keep kitchen towels?

    Dishes and glasses go into the basket or cupboard closest to the dishwasher. The tea towels must be visible and easy to grasp. If you have a large kitchen, put more than one dish towel hook, one near the sink, one near the stove or work area.

    Where to put the tea towels in the kitchen?

    Most people choose to do this under the sink because it's conveniently placed where you need towels most often. You can also use a pull-out towel rail to hang several towels.

    How to embellish the kitchen do it yourself?

    10 ideas to embellish the kitchen
    1. Wallpaper: a vintage touch.
    2. Baskets and jars at sight.
    3. Colored lighting.
    4. Colorful and extravagant seats.
    5. Paint the ceiling.
    6. Wood elements.
    7. The secret of the three colors.
    8. Open shelving.

    Where to put the appliances in the kitchen?

    Location of small appliances in the kitchen

    The advice is to reserve a portion of the worktop top just for these small appliances, possibly close to the power sockets and obligatorily at least 60 cm away from water sources.

    How to best arrange the kitchen?

    In a practical kitchen, the three areas must be separated from each other in order to allow you to work without obstacles. In this regard, it is advisable to leave a space of at least 120 centimeters in width between the furniture placed between two front walls, so that the doors can open without problems.

    We fold the tea towels and organize the drawer in the kitchen

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    How to arrange the kitchen cabinets?

    Wall units, appliances and furniture will thus be arranged exclusively on a single wall, thus leaving more space for the other elements of the kitchen: chairs, tables and the like. The single line arrangement is also perfect for open spaces, where the kitchen and living area communicate with each other and live in symbiosis.

    How to make a kitchen project?

    How to design a kitchen: expert advice
    1. Identify the appropriate shape from the space available. ...
    2. Manage the plants according to your needs. ...
    3. Pay attention to the position of the appliances. ...
    4. Install the dishwasher next to the sink. ...
    5. Insert a breakfast corner, even a small one.

    Where to keep appliances?

    When to keep appliances in sight

    worktops and shelves: if you want to keep all your appliances close at hand, you can place them on shelves and worktops (peninsulas or tops on all).

    Where to put the kitchen coffee machine?

    The most immediate solution is to set it up on the kitchen top or on an adjacent cabinet, exploiting all the potential of a storage panel. And so, thanks to hooks and small shelves, we will have everything we need close at hand, without taking up too many centimeters.

    Where to put the Thermomix in the kitchen?

    Thermomix ® is your daily ally in the kitchen and, as such, must always be ready and available. Then place it on a comfortable shelf, taking care to leave it away from the stove.

    What to hang on the walls of the modern kitchen?

    For example, on a modern style kitchen - even better if in dark colors such as bottle green, black or ultramarine blue - it is possible to hang paintings with gilt frames, in a Baroque style, with prints of still life or portraits at height of the wall units. of our favorite historical characters.

    What to put on the kitchen counter?

    We advise you to follow this order: in the upper ones you will place the cutlery and all the utensils you use most often (bottle openers, scissors, plastic caps, etc.); followed by tablecloths, placemats, tea towels and, after all, the tools you use almost once a year (the sac à poche, the ...

    How to store the tea towels?

    The sponges and rubber gloves can be stored in a dedicated basket, perhaps plastic and open. They always remain a little damp and, in order not to form mold or bacteria, store them in a ventilated and dry place.

    Where to put the towels?

    To save usable space, you can use the space under the bed to keep clean sheets. If your bathroom is small, you can also store towels here, folded in drawers or baskets.

    How to organize the rags?

    You can in fact fix the broom on a fairly spacious wall or on the back of a door, using hooks. Choose a strategic position, perhaps near a window or in any case an airy area, so that the broom dries faster and does not stay wet for too long.

    How to organize a coffee corner in the kitchen?

    Add candles on a candlestick, flowers in a vintage or ceramic vase and your coffee corner and if you want to add an extra touch, add a slate with a wooden frame to write a cute phrase such as "Serve yourself" .

    How to make a coffee corner?

    The quickest and easiest way to create a coffee corner is to use an empty kitchen counter. We need to have enough space to place everything you need, starting from the coffee machine up to the pods, sugar and cups.

    What to put under the coffee machine?

    Jixista Silicone for Coffee Grinder Mat for Anti-mold Coffee Mat Non-slip Mat Tamper for Coffee in Silicone Mat for Non-slip Mat in Food-resistant Silicone.

    Where to place the oven column?

    The oven can be placed in the classic position (under the burners) or in a column, always remaining close to the burners. In this way, if you are preparing a dish, you can monitor what happens in the oven.

    Where is the fridge placed?

    The refrigerator should be placed in an easily accessible spot and close to a workbench so that you can work more comfortably when you store your groceries or when you need to get ingredients from the refrigerator to prepare your treats.

    Where to put an electric oven?

    For this reason it is good to put the oven in a place where it is not surrounded by anything and possibly make sure that the oven itself is equipped with feet high enough to create enough space for the air to pass underneath, as well as a handle for the door that is made or lined with ...

    How to arrange furniture in a corner kitchen?

    The easiest solution is to place a base at 45 ° with respect to the adjacent ones. This way some of the space in the corner is lost. Some companies make a pentagon base that also fills these side spaces in order to take advantage of all the available space.

    How to organize a kitchen to be functional?

    Especially when it comes to open space (therefore exposed) or small environments, where the little space must be exploited to the fullest.
    1. 1 - Choose materials that are easy to clean. ...
    2. 2 - Opt for drawers and baskets. ...
    3. 3 - Organize the work areas. ...
    4. 4 - Flap openings for the wall units. ...
    5. 5 - Accessorise the back of the kitchen.

    How to compose a functional kitchen?

    To be functional, a kitchen must be designed considering 4 distinct zones: the one designed for storage, the area for food preparation, which then extends to the cooking area and the one for cleaning. To store food you need pantries and refrigerators.

    What to put in the hood wall unit?

    Keep a jar of coarse salt and a jar of fine salt next to the fires or on the shelf above the hood. Keep coarse salt and fine salt in containers that are easy to open with one hand: cooking will be more comfortable and if you have dirty hands you just have to touch them with a minimal gesture.

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