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    Which bur to use to remove semi-permanent?

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    Which bur to use to remove semi-permanent?

    The Meanail Black Edition electric bur will save you time to remove semi-permanent and gel polish. Featuring a refined design and professional quality, the Meanail Bur is designed to remove all types of semi-permanent nail polish, gel, and acrylic.

    What is the name of the file to remove the semi-permanent?

    The 100/150 grain: this is also used to file or remove part of the gel, to shorten or shape the very long nail in a slightly more delicate way. The 180/200 grain: this is used to opacify the nail plate being prepared, or to remove the semi-permanent.

    How to get rid of the semi-permanent at home?

    The steps for the do-it-yourself removal of semi-permanent nail polish
    1. As a first step, soak a cotton pad with the solvent, trying not to skimp on the quantities.
    2. Apply the pads to your fingers after rubbing them for a few moments. ...
    3. Wait 15 minutes and then remove everything: voila!

    How to quickly remove the semi-permanent?

    The correct way to remove the semi-permanent nail polish is to soak cotton pads (or use ready-to-use pads) to apply to each nail and cover by “wrapping” with aluminum foil. Leave on for 10-12 minutes, then unpack everything and you will see that the nail polish comes off by itself.

    What bit of bur to use to remove the semi-permanent?

    The drill to be used for this type of treatment is the fine-grained conical one. The conical shape and fine grain are ideal as they are delicate on the hands, and are suitable for delicately treating the area close to the cuticles.


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    How long does a drill bit last?

    The colors of the drill bit are: XF yellow extra fine, red F fine, blue M medium, green C coarse, i.e. aggressive, black XC extra coarse, orange XXC double coarse, pink XXXC triple coarse. Ceramic is a resistant material that guarantees a long life to the drill bits (6/9 months with intensive use).

    What are the tips of the nail cutter for?

    The “needle” and “drop” drill bits are used for cleaning cuticles and lateral valleys. The first two must be used carefully as being pointed, the risk of creating damage to the matrix or to the surface of the nail is high.

    How to use the Remover for semi-permanent?

    Place a wipe soaked in remover on the nail and leave for 10-15 minutes, after having wrapped each finger in aluminum foil, you should cover each nail, so as not to immediately evaporate the solvent and to increase its effect.

    How long does semi-permanent nail polish last?

    As we have said, in normal conditions the semi-permanent nail polish lasts about 21 days, being able to reach a month on the toenails. But how to make it last longer without the risk of it spoiling too quickly? Always use gloves!

    How to remove the semi-permanent nail polish from the skin?

    Dampen a cotton ball with acetone-free nail polish remover, then rub it into your skin until the stain comes off. Then rinse the area with warm soapy water. Nail polish removers that do not contain acetone are gentler, but can still dry out the skin.

    How to remove semi-permanent nail polish at home without acetone?

    White wine vinegar and lemon; this remedy is a little more aggressive but very valid, just dip your fingers in a bowl containing two parts of vinegar and one of lemon juice, after a few minutes rub the nails with the cotton and the nail polish will disappear as if by magic.

    How to remove semi-permanent nail polish with normal acetone?

    You can use the specific remover for semi-permanent nail polish, a file to remove the semi-permanent nail polish, some solvent (acetone is fine) and make-up remover discs.

    How to remove semi-permanent nail polish without damaging the nails?

    Wrap with foil

    You start, as in the kits, by passing the file over the nail to remove the glossy patina. Then just dip the cotton in acetone and apply it on each nail, closing the wrap tightly with aluminum foil. Patience a quarter of an hour and the enamel comes off by itself from the fingers.

    What files do you need for semi-permanent?

    LIME. You will need a BUFFER that is a thick file in the shape of a very soft brick that you will need to opacify your nails. You will also need a 100/180 FILE: the two numbers indicate the different types of grain on the two sides of the file; you will need this file to shape your nails.

    What is the 1000 4000 file used for?

    Nail polish files, mint green / white color, 1000/4000 grit. ... - Suitable for natural, artificial, gel and acrylic nails. - Also perfect for polishing matte false nails giving a high shine.

    How to choose the nail file?

    For more delicate nails, the thinner one is better (120/120 or 100/100), while for other types of nails we recommend the thicker one (100/100 or 80/80). A negative aspect of this material is that it is not washable, so the wooden file is for personal use only.

    Why does semi-permanent nail polish come off?

    Semi-permanent nail polish: why does it jump and fall off? ... In fact, residues of enamel, dust, oily products, other impurities can interfere with the correct adhesion of the semi-permanent enamel and cause "lifting" even a few hours after firing in the ovens.

    Why doesn't semi-permanent nail polish dry out?

    Another common mistake when putting on semi-permanent nail polish is getting the curing (or curing) times wrong. Each lamp has its own times and it is good to follow them: the more powerful the lamp, for example 48W, the less drying will last (30 ″).

    What to put before the semi-permanent nail polish?

    1. But before we start ... ...
    2. Prepare the nail before applying the polish. ...
    3. Apply the Base. ...
    4. Apply the Gel Nail Polish. ...
    5. Apply the Top Coat. ...
    6. Degrease your nails with the Cleaner. ...
    7. Apply a few drops of cuticle oil and enjoy the result! ...
    8. Use the Primer.

    How to apply Remover?

    How to use: apply the remover with a microfiber brush (micro brush) or with a cotton swab, leave to act for a few minutes and remove the product together with the eyelash extensions to be removed.

    How to use the gel Remover?


    Apply the Magic Gel Remover on the gel polish avoiding contact with the skin. Leave on for 5-6 minutes, during which bubbles will begin to form. Use a cuticle pusher or scraper to remove the nail polish. Wash your hands immediately after use.

    How to use nail remover?

    - Pour the product onto a pad and place it on your nail, then secure it with our Removal Caps. - Wait about ten minutes, until the product has softened. Then remove the residues with the help of a Pusher or Orange sticks.

    How do you use the hand cutter?

    The bur must be used with delicacy and precision without ever standing still in the same point of the nail. In case of need to stay still on a point or area of ​​the nail to be treated, it is good to tap on the part to tap in order not to damage the nail surface.

    Which tip to use for cuticles?

    The Gemstone Diamond Point is ideal for working and lifting cuticles and for working the nail valleys during Dry Manicure. The Trapezium tip has a low abrasiveness (red band) and the material of which it is composed is very delicate, therefore perfect for working safely on the natural nail.

    How to remove gel nails at home?

    Wet the pads or cotton pads with the specific solvent. Adhere the cotton to the nail and secure it by covering it with silver paper. Wait 10 minutes. Use orange sticks to remove gel residue from nails and cuticles.

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