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    Which car models are included in the eco-bonus?

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    Which car models are included in the eco-bonus?


    • Audi Q4 e-tron (from 45.700 euros)
    • BMW i3 (from 40.600 euros)
    • Citroen e-C4 (from 35.400 euros)
    • Dacia Spring (from 19.900 euros)
    • DR EVO Electric (from 36.600 euros)
    • DS3 Crossback E-Tense (from 40.200 euro)
    • Fiat 500 (from 26.150 euros)
    • Ford Mustang Mach-E (from 49.900 euros)

    How to get 2021 car bonus?

    In order to take advantage of the car purchase bonus, it must fall within the emissions range between 21 and 60 g / km of CO2. In case of scrapping, you may be entitled to an incentive of € 6.500, while without scrapping the discount applied will be € 3.500.

    Which car to buy 2020 with incentives?

    • 1 State incentives are back.
    • 3BMW 116i ADVANTAGE.
    • 6FIAT 500 HYBRID CULT.

    When do the 2021 car incentives expire?

    The amendment that made the approval of the refinancing of the 2021 car incentives definitive is contained in one of the amendments to law no. 106 of 23 July 2021.

    How does the auto bonus work?

    The bonus in question cannot be combined with other state contributions and is paid directly by the dealer through a discount on the purchase price of the car. The concessionaire will be reimbursed by the manufacturers who will benefit from a tax credit of the same amount.

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    How does the used car bonus 2021 work?

    The 2021 used car incentives provide for a discount on the final price, calculated on the basis of the emissions range of the vehicle purchased: 2.000 euros for the purchase of a used car with emissions from 0 to 60 g / km; 1.000 euros for the purchase of a used car with emissions from 61 to 90 g / km; 750 euros for the purchase of a car ...

    Which cars are eligible for the 40% bonus?

    Currently, some versions of Citroën e-C4, Dacia Spring, Fiat Nuova 500, Honda e, Hyundai Kona, Kia e-Niro, Mazda MX-30, MG ZS EV, Mini Full Electric, fall within the scope of the standard. Nissan Leaf, Opel Corsa-e and Mokka-e, Peugeot e-208, Renault Twingo electric and Zoe, Skoda Enyaq iV, Smart EQ fortwo and ...

    How does the scrapping incentive work?

    Car scrapping incentives: how it works

    In practice: you buy a new car with low environmental impact and directly receive a discount on the list price, the eco-bonus. Thanks to the scrapping incentives, if you lead to the demolition of a used Euro 0,1,2,3 or 4, the eco-bonus for the purchase of the new one will be more advantageous.

    What car to buy in 2021?

    Best cars 2021 to buy for value for money
    • Fiat Panda.
    • Lancia Ypsilon.
    • Dacia Duster.
    • Citroen C3.
    • Renault Clio.
    • Jeep Renegade.
    • Volkswagen T-Roc.
    • Toyota Yaris.

    What is the cheapest car of 2021?

    Top 10 economy cars 2021
    • 1st place - Dacia Sandero (2012) from 7.950 euros.
    • 2nd place - DR Zero from 8.500 euros (coming out of the price list)
    • 3rd place - Dacia Sandero (2021) from 8.950 euros.
    • 4th place - Citroen C1 from 10.750 euros.
    • 5th place - Dacia Logan MCV from 10.900 euros.
    • 6th place - Kia Picanto from 11.900 euros.

    What car to buy with 12000 euros?

    The five cheap cars under 12.000 euros
    • Dacia Stepway. Dacia with the Stepway wanted to offer elegance and design without sacrificing comfort, all by offering high-performance engines. ...
    • Skoda Citigo. ...
    • Hyundai i10. ,
    • Kia Picanto. ...
    • Citroen C1.

    What car to buy in 2022?

    • Alfa Romeo Tonale: tests continue. ...
    • Smart suv: patent photos. ...
    • Honda Civic Type R: almost ready for debut. ...
    • BMW 2 Series Active Tourer: soon the new generation. ...
    • Porsche Boxster and Cayman: this is how they could be. ...
    • Hyundai Ioniq 6: spy photos. ...
    • Mazda CX-5: restyling coming soon.

    What SUV to buy in 2021?

    10 new SUVs coming out in 2021
    • Peugeot 3008. To update the range of one of the best-selling models in Europe, Peugeot has completely renewed the aesthetics of the front while it has just revised the rear. ...
    • Dacia Spring. ...
    • Toyota Yaris Cross. ...
    • Volkswagen ID. ...
    • Hyundai Tucson. ...
    • BMW X2. †
    • Alfa Romeo Tonale. ...
    • Nissan Qashqai.

    Which car to buy with 25.000 euros?

    Here is the clear and detailed ranking with the 10 best used cars that fall within a budget ranging from 20.001 to 25.000 euros.
    • Jeep Renegade.
    • Volkswagen Golf (5 door)
    • Nissan Qashqai.
    • Audi A3 sportback (5 doors)
    • BMW 1 Series (5 doors)
    • Mercedes A-Class (5 doors)
    • Range Rover Evoque.
    • Jeep Compass.

    How much does the Panda cost with scrapping?

    Fiat Panda Scrapping Discount from € 7.099

    How does TV scrapping work?

    Scrapping can be done at the time of purchase of the new TV, delivering the old one to the dealer together with the self-certification form. The seller will then dispose of the old TV and receive a tax credit equal to the discount granted to the customer.

    Who is entitled to the auto eco-bonus?

    Ecobonus: in fact only for electric and plu-in hybrids

    The eco-bonus rewards those who purchase from 1 March 2019 to 31 December 2021, even in the leasing formula, a car with a reduced environmental impact in the form of a discount on the purchase price applied by the seller.

    What bonuses can you apply for with Isee?

    Low ISEE, concessions and bonuses 2021
    • Bonus telephone, gas and electricity bills.
    • Free current account with ISEE up to 11.600 euros.
    • Citizenship income with ISEE up to € 9.360.
    • Family, baby and nest discounts with low and non-ISEE rates.
    • Contribution to pay the rent.

    What is the cheapest car on the market?

    Cheapest cars: The complete ranking!
    • Dacia Sandero. ...
    • Fiat Panda 1.2 Pop. ...
    • Citroen C1. †
    • Dacia Logan MCV. ...
    • Peugeot 108 VTi Active. ...
    • Suzuki Celerio 1.0 Dualjet Cool. ...
    • Renault Twingo 1.0 SCe Duel. ...
    • Mahindra KUV100 K6 NXT.

    How to take advantage of the used car bonus?

    Used car bonus, how to ask for it: the requirements

    The used vehicle that you are going to buy must also have a price resulting from market prices not exceeding 25.000 euros, and have emissions between 0 and 160 g / km CO2.

    What is the coolest car of 2021?

    The Mc20 Maserati was named 'Most Beautiful Supercar of the Year 2021' at the Paris Automobile International Festival, in an online ceremony.

    When is the hybrid car worth it?

    Hybrid: when it is convenient compared to electric

    The hybrid car is convenient on the electric for those who have to travel many kilometers a year, in this way it is possible to benefit from greater autonomy, while reducing carbon dioxide emissions and average consumption.

    Which SUV to buy 2022?

    Among the most anticipated new SUVs for 2022 there is certainly also the New Alfa Romeo Tonale, a model with a sporty look and compact dimensions that will be positioned between the Stelvio and the future B-SUV arriving in 2023.

    Where to find scrap cars?

    If you are looking for a buy used car also to be scrapped, contact! We are interested in any vehicle. Use our calculator and get a first estimate. Then enter some data on the status of the machine and receive the final sale price for free, directly online.

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