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    Which shelf of the oven do you bake the cakes on?

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    Which shelf of the oven do you bake the cakes on?

    The cake is placed on the central shelf of the oven, to ensure uniform cooking and to prevent it from overcooking on the surface or on the bottom.

    Which shelf of the oven do you cook sweets on?

    The central shelf is better suited if you need to cook that requires moderate temperatures for a long time (for example for cooking roasts or desserts).

    Where should the cake be placed in the oven?

    Location and door

    The mold with the cake should always be placed on the central rack, never on the plate or on the bottom of the oven, because overheating could burn the bottom of the cake.

    Why doesn't the cake grow?

    A cake can not rise properly for many reasons: it could be a long time between the end of the preparation of the dough and the moment it is baked. Or the oven temperature was too high and the surface crust cracked, causing air to escape from the dough.

    On which shelf of the oven do you cook the pizza?

    A classic oven or a small oven is enough. Put the pizza on the lowest shelf of the oven preheated to the maximum temperature that the oven can reach, the ideal would be 250 ° but 220 ° -230 ° are fine, in static mode. If you only have a fan oven, set the temperature to 20 ° lower.

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    How to cook the pizza underneath well?

    A further tip is to get a refractory stone slab to make the pizza cook in a homogeneous way both above and below, and faster, giving you a fragrant and crunchy pizza like in a pizzeria. You can use the baking stone at the bottom of the oven.

    Which oven shelf to use?

    The bottom shelf is perfect if you want to get a crunchy base, for example when baking bread or pizza. The top shelf is ideal for dishes that you want to give a darker, crisper crust, such as quiches, pies and flans.

    How to fix an unleavened cake?

    The simplest method is to use a layer of cream, perhaps playing with colors to make it more beautiful. If we have time we can also make a chocolate glaze that covers it entirely and makes the surface smooth.

    Why doesn't the cake rise?

    too strong flour; oven temperature not homogeneous or not constant or higher than that indicated; oven not well preheated.

    What to do when the cake doesn't rise?

    If within an hour you realize that the dough has not risen despite everything, you can fix it by adding more yeast: dissolve a new cube of yeast in 50 ml of warm water together with a spoonful of sugar and let it activate, until you see it form. of the foam on the surface.

    How is the convection oven used?


    The "convection oven" function is usually indicated by this icon: The oven heats both the upper and lower coil to the pre-established temperature as in the static one, but in addition it activates a fan creating a real jet of hot air.

    Where to place the pan in the convection oven?

    For desserts it is preferable not to activate the ventilated function, as the air would tend to dry out the cakes. The suitable temperature is generally 180 ° and it is preferable to place the pan in the middle of the oven, to prevent the surface from drying out too quickly.

    What is the fan oven symbol?

    The symbol that indicates the convection oven is usually represented by a square that encloses the design of a fan.

    Why doesn't the donut come up high?

    The donut may not come soft because a static oven was not used, which is more suitable than the ventilated one for leavened cakes. Or the cooking temperature was too high or the cooking itself was prolonged beyond the necessary time.

    What is the use of sugar in sweets?

    The sugars attract to them the water they have around them, this property we need to keep cakes, muffins, cakes moist over time; on the contrary, this phenomenon must be avoided when we want to keep our desserts crunchy, as is the case with meringues, biscuits, puff pastry and many others.

    Why is the donut dried?

    Set the temperature too high

    A donut that is cooked at too high a temperature or for too long is necessarily dry and chewy. The leavened cakes are baked at 180 ° C in a static oven. ... If it comes out dry, the donut is ready.

    Why doesn't the plum cake cook inside?

    The temperature of the oven is essential for a perfect leavening of the plum cake during cooking: in fact, too high a temperature burns the outside of the cake and prevents it from cooking inside.

    How to soften a dry cake?

    In any case, if you have cooked it for too long, you could get a cake that is too dry and dry, in this case, you could solve it by making holes in the cake and then sprinkle it with a liqueur bath, some or some fruit juice, then stuff it with cream.

    Why does the cake burn underneath?

    The cake generally burns underneath because it may have been set too high, or if an unsuitable cooking mode has been used or, again, if the pan has been placed on too low a shelf in the oven.

    What is the oven grill for?

    The oven grill allows us to prepare simple and quick preparations, because the heat of the grill cooks the upper part of the food at a very high temperature. In this way it is possible to cook food enhancing its taste and aromas. ... In this way it is possible to cook food enhancing its taste and aromas.

    How much does pizza cook in a pizzeria?

    For example, according to the Neapolitan tradition, a pizza must cook 1 minute (the basil must remain green!) And, as we have seen above, the temperature of the wood oven must always be constant around 400 °.

    Why does the pizza stay raw underneath?

    it is a problem of cooking pizza in a pan: I cook the empty bases first, then halfway through cooking (when the top starts to color just) I season and put them back in the oven for about ten minutes. Convection oven (of course, otherwise those in the middle do not cook and the one above and below burns) at 200/220 °.

    How do you know if the pizza is cooked?

    To understand if it is ready, check by lifting one of the edges with a spatula: if it is moist and too soft, it must be cooked further if it is crunchy it is cooked. At this point, when the pizza is cooked on the bottom, add the diced and drained mozzarella.

    How to know if I have a static or ventilated oven?

    The symbols. It is not difficult to identify the symbols of the static oven and the convection oven: the first simply has two horizontal lines, well spaced, while the second always has two horizontal lines, divided in the middle by a fan.

    What do the oven signs mean?

    Zero indicates that the oven is off. A light bulb is the symbol of the oven interior light, which in some models can be switched on separately from the cooking times. A small square with 3 triangles in the upper part is the function of the grill in electric ovens, useful for gratinating roasts and other dishes.

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