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    Who are the reflectors?

    Who are the reflectors?

    The reflex reflector is a passive optical system that exploits the physical phenomenon of reflection; based on orthogonal mirrors, it reflects the light in the direction of the emitting source, therefore it reaches its maximum brightness when directly hit by a beam of light.

    Where are the reflectors placed?

    - triangular in shape only in the rear part of trailers, semi-trailers and trolleys; - yellow if lateral to indicate trailers, semi-trailers, trolleys and vehicles of considerable length, i.e. those exceeding 6 meters.

    When should reflectors be used?

    The reflectors must be turned on half an hour after sunset; The reflectors must be switched on together with the position lights; Reflectors replace the position lights when driving on urban roads; ... Reflectors can replace direction indicators.

    What are reflectors for?

    This type of device - also known by the name of reflector - has numerous methods of use in the road and automotive field, above all for safety purposes, in particular in signaling the presence of vehicles in conditions of limited visibility.

    What are the white reflectors used for?

    The white reflectors have the function of highlighting the front part of trailers and semi-trailers.


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    Where are the white reflectors placed?

    White reflectors are installed in vehicles transporting flammable materials.

    When can the license revision be ordered?

    The revision of the driving license can be ordered by the offices of the Motorization or the Prefect, when there are doubts about the permanence of the physical and psychological requirements prescribed or the technical suitability to drive, or when the driver loses all the points on the license (art. 128 CDS).

    What is a reflector?

    to re- "again" and break "to break"] Of substance capable of refracting radiations (electromagnetic, elastic, etc.). R-angle: the dihedral angle formed by the two faces of an optical prism.

    Where are the reflectors located?

    HOW THEY ARE MADE? They are generally made of plastic and are made in the typical colors of the lights that we normally find on cars and motorcycles, therefore white, red and orange and consequently the whites on the front, the reds on the back and the oranges on the sides are positioned.

    What is a reflective stripe vest?

    Reflective life-saving vests are mandatory to wear when getting out of the car stationary outside built-up areas and in poor visibility conditions. The reflective vest, also called life-saving vest, has been mandatory by law since 2004. ...

    What do reflex reflectors replace?

    Reflectors replace the position lights when driving on urban roads.

    When is a street casualty unconscious?

    If a street casualty is unconscious, it is necessary to check if he is still breathing by placing a hand on the lower side of the chest or on the abdomen; ... If a road casualty is unconscious, his health must be checked frequently until the ambulance arrives.

    When the traffic cop is in profile with his arms outstretched as shown in the figure?

    The policeman stands in profile with his arms outstretched as shown in the figure. It is equivalent to the green light of the traffic light: the passage of traffic currents that run parallel to its arms (coming from its right or left) is allowed to pass (using however caution).

    What color are the reflectors in the rear?

    The reflectors installed in the rear of the vehicles are red.

    How does the state of shock manifest itself?

    It can be caused by: severe physical pain, severe trauma, strong emotions, severe blood loss. It can manifest itself through several symptoms: the presence of chills, very pale skin, cold sweat in the forehead, frequent heartbeats, sudden utterance of nonsense phrases and words.

    How many meters do you travel in a second if you travel at 50?

    So in one second, you travel about 14 meters if you are traveling at 50 km / h, about 28 m if you are traveling at 100 km / h, about 36 m if you are traveling at 130 km / h, and about 42 m if you are traveling at 150 km / h.

    How to remove the reflectors on the bike?

    Biker popularis. Often they have a small protrusion on the plastic tab that fixes them to the spokes, try to move them slowly in order to free first one side then the other, sliding them on the spokes, possibly slightly widen the hook that fixes them with your fingernail.

    What is the name of the reflective fabric?

    Pixel® fabrics are Revolutionary Reflective fabrics dedicated to all types of sports where it is necessary to increase the visibility and safety of users. With these fabrics, in fact, the technology of reflective fabrics meets the world of Sublimation Printing.

    How do you write refractive?

    [ri-fran-gèn-te] adj. fis. Which is capable of refracting; relative to refraction: power r.

    How does the B license revision work?

    The technical revision of the license obliges to carry out the theory and driving test with only one attempt for each: in case of rejection the license is revoked, ie canceled. Classic examples are the zeroing of driving license points or having caused a road accident with injuries.

    What do I have to do for the license revision?

    In particular, you will need to have:
    1. application completed on form TT246, available at the DMV counters;
    2. review provision;
    3. stamped medical certificate dated no earlier than 3 months, where required;
    4. original driving license or any suspension provision;

    What does the license revision consist of?

    The revision of the driving license is a precautionary measure that can be adopted by the DMV when the doubt arises that the holder of the driving license is no longer in possession of the physical and psychological requisites prescribed or of technical suitability.

    When does the driver drive with an expired license?

    The revocation of the license is not available when the driver temporarily loses (for a short time) the physical or psychological requirements (in this case the license is suspended, until the prescribed requirements are recovered), when driving with an expired license (in in this case, immediate withdrawal takes place), ...

    Does anyone who drives cars or motorcycles have to show the registration certificate at the request of the agents?

    Those who drive cars or motorcycles must show, at the request of the agents, the certificate of ownership. This document is not required by the agents, but if it occurs, we are not required to show it.

    When does a pregnant woman cross the street?

    When a pregnant woman crosses the road, she must not get too close with the vehicle, to avoid frightening her.

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