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    Who killed agata in montalbano?

    Who killed agata in montalbano?

    Who killed agata in montalbano?

    Montalbano, after numerous clues, will discover that the accountant Gargano, after having stolen the money and killed his accomplice, or his young assistant, went to the house of his secretary, who was sorry for him and to avoid him suffering. killed.

    How many films are there by Montalbano?

    In total (at the moment) there are 37 numbers of episodes aired on RAI networks (the last one aired in 2021), for a total of 15 seasons.

    Where can I see all the Montalbano episodes?

    The film series Il Commissario Montalbano will be broadcast in prime time on Rai 1 la starting at around 21:10. It will be possible to follow the live broadcast also in streaming from the website, obviously at the same times as the television broadcast.

    When does the new Montalbano series start?

    Montalbano, the new episodes of the series from the books of Andrea Camilleri. On April 20 it will be the turn of The safety net.

    When does Montalbano 2021 start?

    Montalbano on TV

    The reruns of Commissioner Montalbano begin Wednesday 16 April 2021 at 21:30 on Rai 1. Below is the list of episodes and the plot.

    Salvo and Antonia | It's Serious (Inspector Montalbano)

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    Where to review the Catalanotti method?

    Commissioner Montalbano "Il Metodo Catanalotti" on Rai Premium and RaiPlay and DVD. For those who had the last episode of last night on Rai1, they can review “Il Commissario Montalbano - Il Metodo Catalanotti” in streaming replication on Rai Play in a limited time of 7 days.

    Where can I download the episodes of Inspector Montalbano?

    Those who connect to are able to download any program on their PC regardless of whether it is SanRemo or any complete series such as "Tutti Pazzi per Amore", "Un posto al sole", "La new team "," Inspector Montalbano "," Tell me 2 "," Nero Wolfe ", ...

    What is the name of the city of Montalbano?

    Or rather, Vigata was an imaginary city that thanks to the fiction Inspector Montalbano has become part of our imagination and is therefore real. Vigata was founded in the fiction of Andrea Camilleri's novels and has become of stone and baroque in the province of Ragusa, in the south east of Sicily.

    Where are Montalbano's films shot?

    Since the very first episodes, the investigations of Commissioner Montalbano (all the curiosities) are set in some centers of the Ragusa area. The main centers where Montalbano is filmed are Ragusa with the historic center of Ibla, Scicli, Modica and the seaside villages of Punta Secca, Donnalucata and Marina di Ragusa.

    Who is the director of Commissioner Montalbano?

    How did the director of Il Commissario Montalbano die? Alberto Sironi passed away on August 5, 2019, two days after he turned seventy-nine, following a long illness. He directed the very successful fiction with Luca Zingaretti from 1999 until his last days of life.

    How does the practice want?

    As required, the practice takes its cue from some stories by Andrea Camilleri published in three different collections: from the stories taken from Death in the open sea and other investigations by the young Montalbano, from Gli arancini di Montalbano and from A month with Montalbano.

    What year is Inspector Montalbano set in?

    Salvo Montalbano is played by Michele Riondino. The series The young Montalbano is set in Sicily in the early nineties when Montalbano was deputy commissioner of Mascalippa, a hated mountain village.

    Where to see the latest episode of Montalbano?

    On March 8, 2021, the last episode of Il commissario Montalbano will be broadcast on Rai 1.

    When is Montalbano's rerun on Rai Premium?

    The young Montalbano is back on Rai Premium every Friday from June 4th 2021! With the investigations of the thirty-year-old commissioner we will find the well-known atmosphere of Vigata and the Ragusan baroque.

    How does the Catalanotti method end?

    How does Inspector Montalbano end up? The television series closes (for now) with the episode The Catalanotti method, in which Salvo breaks up with his girlfriend Livia, after being overwhelmed by the (reciprocated) passion for a young scientific colleague named Antonia.

    Why isn't Montalbano on Rai play?

    Problems are occurring in the RaiPlay app these days, in particular in its version for Android smartphones and tablets which does not work properly, on the contrary it presents glaring anomalies in the user experience.

    When is there Montalbano's film?

    The producer Carlo Degli Esposti during the press conference on Tuesday 23 February 2021 on the occasion of the launch of The Catalanotti method, explains that Montalbano's return in 2022 is still to be seen.

    How to visit Montalbano's house?

    Montalbano's house cannot be visited as we would a house museum, because it is a house used as a Bed & Breakfast. Naturally, nobody forbids going to Punta Secca and looking at Montalbano's house from the outside, but there is no ticket to visit the interior.

    What is the name of the place where Inspector Montalbano lives?

    The locations where Inspector Montalbano is set are located in Sicily, in the province of Ragusa. Although Vigata is an imaginary city, when Andrea Camilleri wrote the novels dedicated to Montalbano he was thinking of Porto Empedocle, his native town, and of other nearby towns: Agrigento, Menfi and Sciacca.

    What is the name of the town of Vigata?

    Vigàta is an imaginary Sicilian municipality created by the writer Andrea Camilleri, in which the adventures of Inspector Montalbano in the imaginary province of Montelusa are set. The locality actually corresponds to Porto Empedocle, the birthplace of Camilleri, in the province of Agrigento.

    Where is the Montalbano villa located?

    Inspector Montalbano's house, which in the film is located in the fantasy place called Marinella, is actually in Punta Secca, a seaside village in the province of Ragusa.

    Where is Vigata Sicilia located?

    The Circolo di Conversazione di Ibla was the set of the scenes of the episode The smell of the night and the restaurant La Rusticana is what in the fiction is called Da Calogero.

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