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    Why are renato zero fans called sorcini?

    Why are renato zero fans called sorcini?

    Why are renato zero fans called sorcini?

    The singer's fans are defined as "Sorcini"; the term was born by chance in the early 80s, when in Viareggio, observing the fans who surrounded him on a motorbike, he exclaimed: "They look like so many mice".

    Who is the little sorcino?

    sorcino sm (jokes) Admirer and supporter of the singer Renato Zero, stage name of Renato Fiacchini. Here someone cheats. ... The king of the sorcini does not make the same mistake twice.

    Who was Renato Zero's father?

    Born from the union between Domenico Fiacchini (1917–1980), policeman, and Ada Pica (1922–2001), nurse, Renato Fiacchini spent his childhood in via Ripetta and his adolescence in the Montagnola district in Rome.

    What did Renato Zero's father do?

    Renato Zero, whose real name is Renato Fiacchini, was born in Rome on 30 September 1950. Son of Ada Pica, a nurse by profession, and Domenico, a policeman of Marche origin, Renato lived his adolescence in the Montagnola hamlet.

    Who writes the lyrics to Renato Zero?

    He was a collaborator of the Roman singer-songwriter for very famous songs from his repertoire, including "The best years of our life" and "Peace be with you". The music of the other seven pieces was composed by Renato with Danilo Madonia. All the texts are by Renato Zero, four of which were written with Vincenzo Incenzo.

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    How much does Renato Zero earn in a concert?

    But are you curious to know how much his income is? The first data available date back to the hacking of the Revenue Agency in 2006, and his income was between 785.001 and 328.240 euros.

    Who is Lucy Morante?

    Morante is the sister of the well-known guitarist Massimo Morante, founder of the band Goblin. She was the woman to whom Renato dedicated his success entitled Secret Love. The two, however, never thought of getting married and it was the singer who told Domenica In: “Never, I never thought about getting married.

    Who sings the song The Best Years of Our Lives?

    The best years of our life is a song by the composer Maurizio Fabrizio and the lyricist Guido Morra and sung by Renato Zero in 1995. It is taken from the album On the tracks of the imperfect.

    When did Renato Zero's parents die?

    Taken to the police station, he met several times his father, Domenico Fiacchini, who, however, never judged his choices. “He died in 1980 and he has always been proud of me - explains the star to Vanity Fair - Without imposing anything on me, suggesting anything to me, expecting that I was something else from me.

    What educational qualifications does Renato Zero have?

    Who is Renato Zero

    In fact, he studied at Roberto Rossellini, an Institute for Cinematography and Television. She decides to leave her studies at sixteen and begins her career following Rita Pavone. As a singer?

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