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    Why can't you hear whatsapp audio?

    Why can't you hear whatsapp audio?

    It may happen that you have set the "silent" mode and forgot to remove it. Or to have the volume so low that you can't hear WhatsApp voice notes. ... So, if you can't hear a voice message, check if your smartphone is connected to Wi-Fi or cellular data.

    How to do if you can't hear WhatsApp audio?

    If you can't hear the media, try pressing the volume up key located on the side of the phone while playing the file. It is possible that the volume setting for media playback is completely silent.

    How to unblock voice messages?

    Fix Android voice recording problem

    Step 3: Tap Permissions. Then, on the next screen, if there is a switch next to Microphone, make sure it is on. If you simply see Microphone, tap it and then tap Allow.

    How to restore audio on WhatsApp?

    The green robot system stores all audio files by default: to retrieve these just go to the Media section of the mobile phone where there is a special folder entitled WhatsApp Audio.

    How to make 0 second audio?

    Press and hold on the audio message, until it is selected (or colored blue or green, to understand each other), then at the top right press the "share" button, and select the Audio Speed ​​Up application. At this point the audio will start playing at the speed you set!

    You're Listening To WhatsApp Voice Messages The Wrong Way!

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    How to listen to a message again before sending it?

    To listen to a voice message before sending it, just record your audio as usual. After locking the registration with the padlock, by scrolling up, you can return to the chat list, or enter the smartphone multitasking.

    How to put the x2 on WhatsApp?

    The operation is very simple: when you start listening to an audio note, a button will appear on the right side of the message that will allow you to increase the speed to "1,5x" and then to "2x" to reduce the time needed to listen to the audio.

    Where to find WhatsApp voicemail messages?

    At this point, if you want to recover the audio files, you must select the WhatsApp Audio folder, while if you want to recover the voice messages, you must go to the WhatsApp Voice Notes folder.

    How to search for a voice on WhatsApp?

    Open WhatsApp. Tap Search. Tap Photos, Videos, Links, GIFs, Audio, or Documents to view media files by category.

    How to tell if a voice message has been heard?

    If you have sent the message within a single chat, locate the relative speech bubble and look at the color of the microphone symbol next to your personal image, that of the time progress indicator and that of the ticks: if the elements are colored gray / green, the message ...

    How to listen to WhatsApp audios speeded up?

    In fact, you just need to open a conversation, then click on the ▶ ︎ button relating to the voice of your interest and then on the speed indicator that appears next to it.

    What does a failed download mean?

    The message you receive is this: Download Failed: Download not completed. Please try again later. Unfortunately, the causes of this inconvenience are many and it does not necessarily depend on a single problem.

    How to listen to voice messages with Bluetooth?

    User. First you have to press 1) the media button 2) bluetooth 3) start the audio from the phone and then you will hear it from the speakers.

    Where are the audio files on Android?

    Genre, on your phone, you can find the files in the FIles app. If you can't find the Files app, your device manufacturer may have another app.

    Where can I find the voice messages?

    When you receive a voicemail, you can listen to it via the notification on your phone. Swipe down from the top of the screen. Tap Voicemail.
    How to check your voice messages
    1. Open the Phone app.
    2. At the bottom, tap the keypad.
    3. Touch and hold 1.

    How to send a vowel?

    Send voice messages
    1. Open the Messages app.
    2. Open or start a conversation.
    3. Press and hold the microphone button.
    4. Record the message.
    5. Tap Send.

    What is the download for?

    Download, also known as unloading, indicates in computer science the action of receiving or withdrawing a file from a telematic network (for example from a website), transferring it to the hard disk of the computer or to another user's device.

    How to clear WhatsApp cache?

    Go to SETTINGS and look for the APPLICATION MANAGEMENT item, from here you can access all your apps, whether they are in the smartphone memory or on the memory card. Then click on the app concerned, in our case Whatsapp, then look for the item EMPTY CACHE.

    How to listen to Android speeded up WhatsApp audios?

    If you select “2X” playback, all new audio messages will also be initially played at twice the speed. The app allows you to speed up both received and sent messages, in case you want to listen to them again, wasting half the time you took to record them.

    How to listen to speeded up vowels?

    To be able to take advantage of this new WhatsApp setting (available on Android as well as IOS), all you have to do is update the app, open the chat with the voice message to be played and press play; at this point a button will appear on the right which, once clicked, will give you the possibility ...

    How to listen to 2X vowels?

    How does it work? We need to start listening to the audio. Next to the voice message we will see a new indicator, which determines the speed of the message itself. The same speed with which it was recorded (1x), slightly faster (1,5x) or very fast (2x).

    What does reproduced audio mean?

    Played: The recipient has played your voice message.

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