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    Why doesn't alexa play music?

    Why doesn't alexa play music?

    Music or media is not playing with Alexa. Wi-Fi connectivity issues can cause media and music to buffer or not play. ... Reduce Wi-Fi congestion by turning off connected devices you're not using.

    When is Alexa not playing music?

    Restart Eco

    You should start by resetting the Echo's power cycle. For this, remove the power cord from the echo. Then, wait at least 20-30 seconds before plugging it back in. Once connected, try to play music from Amazon Music using Alexa.

    What to do when Alexa says she can't understand?

    If Alexa doesn't respond to voice commands or says the above phrase, the first attempt is to restart the device. If the problem is not solved in this way, you try to move the speaker away from any obstacles and place it at a distance of at least 20 cm from the wall.

    How to play a song on Alexa?

    You can remotely control music playback on your device from the Alexa App.
    1. Open the Alexa App.
    2. Open Play.
    3. Select a recently played song or Browse Music.
    4. Under Play to :, select your device or speaker pair.

    How to make Alexa play Spotify playlists?

    Download and open the Alexa app. Tap the menu at the top left. Tap Settings, then Music. Select Spotify, then link the account with Alexa.

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    How to play YouTube on Alexa?

    You can simply say "Alexa, open YouTube" and, only the first time, choose the Silk or Firefox browser to view it. Once YouTube is open in your browser, you can choose which videos to watch and which music to listen to.

    How to use Alexa as a Bluetooth speaker?

    The procedure is very simple: Say the voice command "Alexa, connect a Bluetooth device"; The smart speaker will light up blue and start searching for nearby PCs, smartphones and tablets with Bluetooth enabled.

    How to configure Alexa from pc?

    To configure the new Echo from a smartphone, you need to download the Alexa app for Android or iPhone. If you prefer to use your PC, you need to go to instead. In both cases, you must log in with an Amazon account, which must be created if ever done yet.

    How to control Alexa remotely?

    Set up your remote

    Then open the Alexa app. Tap the hamburger icon () and tap Settings> Device Settings. Tap the Echo device you want to pair with the remote. Tap the option for Echo Remote.

    What are the Alexa commands?

    Here is a list of commands for games and entertainment:
    • "Alexa, tell me a joke."
    • "Alexa, tell me an Easter egg".
    • "Alexa, tell me a heap."
    • "Alexa, tell me a story".
    • "Alexa, what's on TV tonight?"
    • "Alexa, play the wind noise."
    • "Alexa, what's in the cinema?"

    What to do when Alexa doesn't connect to Wi-Fi?

    If other devices also fail to connect, restart your router and / or Internet modem. While the network hardware is restarting, unplug the power adapter from the Echo device for 3 seconds and plug it back in. Make sure you are using the supplied charger for your Echo device.

    Why doesn't Alexa recognize my voice?

    While setting up the Voice Profile, you can view the supported devices. Go to the app store on your mobile device and make sure you have the latest version of the Alexa App installed. ... Mute nearby Alexa devices and try setting up a Voice Profile again.

    When does Alexa turn red?

    A solid red light is shown when you press the microphone On / Off button. Indicates that the device's microphone is muted and Alexa is not listening. ... On Echo devices with a camera, a red light bar indicates that video will not be shared.

    How to listen to phone music on Alexa?

    In practice you will have to put the Alexa device in pairing mode with this voice command “Alexa, connect Bluetooth device” and then on the mobile phone select the Alexa device you want to connect from among the Bluetooth devices.

    How to connect Alexa?

    Pair your phone or Bluetooth speaker with your device ...
    1. Set the Bluetooth device to pairing mode.
    2. Open the Alexa App.
    3. Select Devices.
    4. Select Echo & Alexa.
    5. Select your device.
    6. Select Bluetooth devices, then Pair a new device.

    How to activate Alexa's microphone?

    You can use Alexa via the Fire TV app or a compatible Alexa voice remote by pressing and holding the "microphone" button. If you are using the Alexa Voice Remote, release the “microphone” button when you are finished speaking.

    How to use Alexa as an intercom?

    Here's how to turn it on.
    1. Open the Amazon Alexa app on your phone and go to Settings.
    2. Under your device list, tap the name of the first Echo you want to use as an intercom.
    3. Under General, tap Drag.
    4. Select family only. ...
    5. Repeat the above steps for your other Amazon Echo device.

    How to listen at home with Alexa?

    Some experts have suggested that a contact, like in another Echo owner you have on your contact list, might just be listening to conversations around the house. To be doubly sure, go to Communications in your Alexa app and set the “Drop In” setting to “My Household” or Off.

    How to connect Alexa to pc via wifi?

    Alexa connection to PC via Bluetooth
    1. Select Settings.
    2. Select devices.
    3. Select Bluetooth.
    4. Click Pair new device and select your PC.
    5. At this point your device is paired and to connect it, just say the voice command “Alexa connect” to connect the device.

    How to connect Alexa to Mac?

    1. Log into your Alexa account by going to
    2. Select Settings in the left pane.
    3. Choose your Echo in the device list.
    4. Select Bluetooth.
    5. Select Pair a new device; Alexa will search for available devices.

    How to set up Alexa to wifi?

    Echo devices are unable to connect to ad-hoc (or peer-to-peer) networks.
    1. Open the Alexa App.
    2. Select Devices.
    3. Select Echo & Alexa.
    4. Select your device.
    5. Select Settings and under Wireless, select Wi-Fi Network and follow the instructions in the app.

    How to connect Alexa to the stereo?

    Connect speakers to Alexa with AUX

    In this case it is sufficient to obtain an AUX cable (male / male with 3,5 mm minijack) to be connected to the respective Alexa output and to the AUX input of your stereo and then from the latter select the AUX item. The volume is managed by the hi-fi.

    How to control Alexa from Apple Music?

    Set up Apple Music with Alexa
    1. Apri the Amazon Alexa app.
    2. In the bottom right corner, tap More.
    3. Tap Skills & Games.
    4. In the top right corner, tap the search field and then enter Apple Music.
    5. Tap Enable for use.
    6. Tap Settings.
    7. Tap Link Account.

    How to watch videos with Alexa?

    Play videos with Alexa with your voice
    1. "Search for [movie / TV series]".
    2. "Find [title / genre / actor]".
    3. "Play [title]".
    4. "Vai alla Home".

    What to do when Alexa flashes red?

    Alexa blinks red

    If your Amazon Echo speaker ring is showing a solid red light, the microphone has been disabled. Just press the microphone on / off button (marked with a microphone) to unmute the sound.

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